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Love Simon and a Website Mess

Love, Simon While watching the latest episode of Riverdale I'd recorded on my DVR, I saw the preview for Love, Simon  and immediately was hooked.  I rewound and watched the preview a few more times.  There was so much about it that I connected with and related to with the movie.. I cannot wait for it to come out! Website Mess After years of hosting my images for my website and without warning, Photobucket decided to cut off image hosting unless I am willing to pay them a yearly premium.  Thanks Photobucket -- jerks!  Although I can understand they need to make money, it still irritates me.  After spending an hour trying to put my website images on Google Photos, Blogger and Drive I tried Dropbox, none of which worked.  With heading into a busy work week, my website is going to remain a mess with the tacky Photobucket images.  I have no idea how long my page has looked like this, however now that I am aware, I am quite bothered by it.  Since I could not find a free image host

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