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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

New Novella Release: FAR & AWAY

This weekend I released a new novella available exclusively on Amazon tilted Far & Away.  It is a story that popped into my head a couple of months back while I was taking a break from writing Drifting.  I sat down to write down some notes so that I could later back and write the story and ended up writing until it was finished.  Unlike my previous published works, this is written from third person and does not alternate back and forth between the two main characters.  

The reviews from my friends were mixed, either they loved it or hated it.  Even when helping me decide on the cover design, the feedback I received was easily divided.  I'd picked out one friend I was going to go with their vote in the event of a tie breaker, something I have always done, but have never actually used.  So I am very interested in seeing what the reviews are going to be like. 

For those of you eagerly awaiting the release of Drifting, the first chapter of the book has been included although it might change slightly with editing.  The story line itself will not change and it provides a glimpse at the book I am still getting a message or two each week regarding.  I hope it will perk up the interest of others as well.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts both good and bad regarding Far & Away as well as what you think of the first chapter of Drifting.  Please do not hesitate in sharing them with me.