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Monday, April 20, 2015

Guest Blog - Wickedly Exotic Spring Erotic Wonderland box set

100% of proceeds benefit National Autism Association

Wickedly Exotic Spring Erotic Wonderland box set
Stories & Author list
49 Shades Of Vampire by P Mattern
Ghost Of A Chance by C.A. Tibbitts
The Undercover Rock Star by Jenna Galicki
Bella Noche by Elisabeth Popolow
A Wolff's Mate by P.T. Macias
Fantasy Come True by Desiree A. Cox
His Living Kiss by Heather Marie Adkins
Vampires Of The Sea by Lynna Stephens
Assassin's Mate by Jami Brumfield
Subtle Magic by Josette Reuel
Tomorrow's Forecast by Ginger Marie

49 Shades Of Vampire by P Mattern
Be careful what you wish for—especially if it BITES!
Ambrosia Divik has landed her dream job—she is the personal assistant of a handsome billionaire, working in a high rise. A huge fan of Vampire themed movies and Indie Vampire novels, she is convinced after observing his lifestyle and habits that he is a modern day vampire.
Will confronting him make her dreams come true or usher in a nightmare from which there is no awakening? 

Ghost Of A Chance by C.A. Tibbitts
Vanessa has run a bed and breakfast for years in her small home town in Missouri.  When her ex, Grant, shows up after his mother's death, he winds up staying at the bed and breakfast and taking over the vacant position of handyman.
Vanessa is haunted by the ghost of Grant's mother, while Grant frequently sees Vanessa's deceased aunt.
Can two meddling ghosts help to rekindle the love between Grant and Vanessa that never really died?

 The Undercover Rock Star by Jenna Galicki
A spur of the moment vacation was supposed to jolt Cameron Douglas out of his funk, but it appears he only traded locations.  It was a chance meeting with a handsome stranger at the luxury resort that changed everything.  The mysterious man stirs Cameron's interest and his heart, but will the handsome man reveal his true identity before their vacation in paradise is over?
Sometimes life in the spotlight was a heavy weight to bear for Brandon Bullet. He never knew if men were interested in him as a person or just enamored with his rock star status—until he meets Cameron Douglas. It wasn't often that Brandon shared a connection with someone who wasn't aware of his notoriety. He's determined to keep his identity a secret while the two of them get to know each other—and before someone blows his cover.

Bella Noche by Elisabeth Popolow
When vampires Lily and her blood-sire, Darius visit New York to meet with the discerning Master of the City, Nikolas, he ends up being more than they had bargained for. Not only is Nikolas a neurotic clean-freak, he wants their help in catching a crazed weretiger shifter that’s been terrorizing the streets, murdering and eating not only humans, but vampires too. Will Lily and Darius be able to find the weretiger for Nikolas before she strikes again- and adds yet another victim to her pile of corpses?

A Wolff's Mate by P.T. Macias
The FBI Director seeks intel and discovers more than he counted on. His mate is in trouble and time is running out. The mature widow is oblivious to what she has in her hands. The tall handsome stranger awakens her passions and love. She's forced to make life changing decisions, forget her insecurities, and liberate her passions.

Fantasy Come True by Desiree A. Cox
Gavin and Chloe’s relationship was very sensual and passionate.  They were no strangers to talking about fantasies; however, Chloe revealed a particular fact about her past that intrigued Gavin.
While on vacation they ensured Las Vegas’ nickname ‘Sin City’ continued to hold true.  The temperature wasn’t the only thing hot as they pushed their sexual limits beyond the traditional boundaries into taboo territory, with satisfied desires and one Fantasy Come True.  For 18+ readers due to explicit sex, sex situations, and language.

His Living Kiss by Heather Marie Adkins
MJ Strong’s life spiraled into darkness when her father committed suicide just before the new millennium. On a late night bender, she’s found by the only creature in the world drawn to her depression: a vampire. What she thinks is a forever connection ends abruptly fourteen years later when he disappears without a trace.
MJ finds herself searching for meaning to her existence in the wake of his absence. What she finds is a bar, the patrons and people who work there, and Foster Price. A human man—a living man—whose connection goes so much deeper than their shared darkness. Together, they find the light they seek to burn away the sorrow they’ve lived with for far too long.

Vampires Of The Sea by Lynna Stephens
Lynnea and Zendava are two sisters of a different breed, literally.  They are Vampire Mermaids. Until a life threatening event their secret had been something they shared with no one, not even each other. Their taste for blood and the need to keep their dark secrets hidden brings them to the shores of surrounding islands where they in their own unique ways satisfy their lust filled desires. Lynnea enjoys the bar scene where she carefully picks her prey, teases them, tortures and finally sucks the life out of them. She not only had a taste for blood but the violent aftermath excited her as well.
Zendava views each prey as a course of a meal. For her appetizer she likes them light and airy, smart on the outside dumb on the inside. She is especially excited by the fancy, stiletto wearing, stuck up ones. They always weaken in her presence. For her entrees she enjoys full, voluptuous even heavy prey. The bigger the better. They are usually lonely and alone. They love to be touched and she loves how excited they get, how they become so enthralled that they don’t even fight when her teeth graze and then sink into their soft necks. She likes the feeling of being full and happy and knew her visits would be few and far between so she tried to make them last. She had learned a lot of the type of prey she liked and what it took to get them to drop their guard on her visits above. They were all very sexual and surprisingly easy to manipulate.
Coming to shore was a forbidden act and a secret each sister kept from the other. Mermaids all knew the dangers of visiting the shores. If found out their lives could turn to nightmares. Lynnea and Zendava had always been warned against visiting the world on top by their mother who spoke of it as if it were hell. Just as everything comes to an end eventually so did their trips above. One dark visit brings sickness, confusion, near loss and love had taught this family of Mermaids a hard lesson. Their Mother who had over the years become less vibrant and energetic finally reveals what brought her to that point. Fortunately their love for each other and their clan brings them home to the sea, for good.

Assassin's Mate by Jami Brumfield
Scarlett Jennings is on the run from a sadistic ex-fiancĂ©. She takes refuge on a supernatural cruise liner as a dancer. She doesn’t makes plans for her future because she knows he will find her someday. Brock Martin is part of an order of assassins. He hops the supernatural cruise to kill his next target but is intercepted by a red-headed tigress. After one kiss he makes plans to take out his mark and spend the rest of the week courting the beautiful dancer. There’s only one problem with those plans, his Scarlett has a hefty price on her head and he’s been dispatched to collect.

Subtle Magic by Josette Reuel
Growing up different had made life difficult for Harley Hawen, a Rhai’ud without magic; she had buried herself in her cooking and baking. Her only friend, her cousin and roommate, Jenna, was a true Rhai’ud with the looks and magic.
Resigned to a life alone and magicless, Harley worked at her parents diner and spent free nights with Jenna. Then six months ago a group of men on motorcycles rolled into town and Harley and Jenna’s dreams had become tormented.
Magic has a subtle way of making things happen.
Chase and Diesel were Gwar’Arth — bear shifters. The Den they had grown up in was becoming too tight for all of the younger males that were looking for mates, so they had brought their new Den members to a new home on Karhu Ridge.
Chase and Diesel were two-thirds of a Triad mating. They had found each other as young boys, but had never found their third. So, they rode into town that first day knowing that they had a third for their Triad out there somewhere, but they hadn’t realized that she would walk right out in front of them when they were least expecting it.
For six months the woman tormented them and did everything to keep away from them, but they had had enough. She would realize that they were all meant to be together, if it was the last thing both Gwar’Arth men did.

Tomorrow's Forecast by Ginger Marie
Amber Collins has come back to her country home in the hills of Kentucky. Returning after years of traveling, Amber is longing to find some deeper purpose for life than just work and solitude.
Shane Callahan is a very successful, highly motivated man that doesn't take no for an answer. Shane had been rather content with his life, until..... He saw her again!
It had been almost 20 years since their paths had crossed. Little did they know how much their lives mirrored one another's.  Always checking the forecast to plan the day. Each longing to find meaning, driven by desires, how little they knew that deep down their most erotic desires were deep seeded around the other.
After all this time.... Would they continue to be "best buds" or would they give in to their inner urges?  Allowing themselves to drift into an erotic abyss of pleasure…
What Will ....

All proceed from the sale of this box set goes directly to the National Autism Association.
Facts: Autism now affects 1 in 68 children; Boys are four times more likely to have autism than girls; About 40% of children with autism do not speak. About 25%–30% of children with autism have some words at 12 to 18 months of age and then lose them; CHILDREN WITH AUTISM DO PROGRESS – EARLY INTERVENTION IS KEY; AUTISM IS TREATABLE, NOT A HOPELESS CONDITION

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Guest Blogger = Welcome Back! = JC Wallace

Hi all! I’m excited to share with you the release of my short story, Shredding the Heart, part of Foolish Encounters, an April Fool’s Anthology from Wilde City Press.
To celebrate, I bring you some of the most famous April Fool’s Day hoaxes in history. After that check out an excerpt from Shredding the Heart where skateboarder Nicholas O’Brien’s attempt to get the attention of the hottie Quinn Matthews doesn’t go so well.
Oh, and, don’t forget to enter the giveaway for an eBook copy of my latest novel, Diventando: The Vessel! Enjoy!


April Fool’s Day…the favorite holiday of class clowns, pranksters and children everywhere. While millions of people will be instigating their own pranks, history has shown that a hoax can be wide spread and highly believable. Here are five famous hoaxes!

* The BBC has staged some of the most outrageous hoaxes. In 1957, many viewers were fooled by a report that Swiss farmers were experiencing a bumper crop of spaghetti. Footage showed people harvesting spaghetti noodles from trees. Luckily, they had recently eliminated the bothersome “spaghetti weevil” to increase their production. I know I hate those spaghetti weevils.

* What happens when a fast food chain announces it has purchased a national treasure? People believe it? Many people did just that in 1996, when Taco Bell reported the chain had agreed to buy the Liberty Bell and renamed the cracked symbol of freedom, the Taco Liberty Bell. Wonder if that comes with hot sauce?

* Another fast food chain, Burger King, advertised the sale of the “Left Handed Whopper” (because you know they’re made for righties, right?  lol). The print advertisement brought clueless customers in to the restaurant to request the fake sandwich. A definite disappointment to southpaws everywhere when the hoax was uncovered.

* In 1962, black and white TVs were the norm while color TVs were just becoming available. Want to change that B&W TV to color? Easily done claimed Sweden's Sveriges Television on April 1, 1962. A "technical expert" offered the key to that conversion. Just drape a nylon stocking over the screen to take advantage of the “prismatic qualities” of the nylon mesh and you get a color picture. To increase the effect, move your head back and forth (the faster the better). Must have been some pissed off wives/mothers when they found their nylons had been sacrificed to the color TV gods.

* Lastly, a futuristic hoax straight from Google itself. MentalPlex Technology was announced in 2000. Why take the time to type in that itty bitty search box when Mentalplex will read your mind and search for what you desire? Instructions for use: remove your hat and glasses…peer into the magical MentalPlex circle – remember not to move your head!!!...using the power of your mind, project what you desire to search for, visualize clicking on the circle and voile!.........Snort!


Shredding the Heart
Part of Foolish Encounters, An April Fool’s Anthology

Skateboarder Nicholas O'Brien’s sole focus is on perfecting his sport, yet a gorgeous jogger who continually ignores him tests that concentration daily. Boarding into the jogger's path finally gets him Quinn Matthews’ attention along with the brush off. Quinn is adamant that no man will ever take advantage of him again. When Nicholas persists, Quinn finds he can’t resist the enigmatic boarder. Just as he falls for Nicholas, Quinn learns that Nicholas just may have had an agenda all along. Devastated, Quinn pulls away, leaving Nicholas alone and confused. Can they overcome their pain and shred the heart?

Nicholas’s gaze was jerky as he gazed out over the water. Quinn wondered if he was nervous. He took in Nicholas’s profile—the milky white skin, the barely noticeable freckles on his cheeks, the full red lips. He imagined their softness against his own lips, taking possession of him, owning him. But he needed to be strong. Never weak or needy or wanton. Never vulnerable again.

Nicholas looked to Quinn and the lusty gaze stole Quinn’s breath. There was a question in Nicholas’s eyes as he leaned closer, no doubt wondering if…

When their lips touched, Quinn couldn’t suppress his gasp. As if sensing Quinn’s hesitancy, Nicholas hovered, head tilted to the side, their lips brushing, but he ceased any other movement. Was he seeking permission to kiss him? A cold shudder raced down Quinn’s spine with the thoughts of hot tongues tangling in wet mouths. A sign was all Nicholas probably needed to go for it. Quinn closed his eyes and licked lightly across Nicholas’s bottom lip. The groaned response from Nicholas and the resulting crush of lips fueled his desire, raced his heart, and guided his hands to Nicholas’s hips, clutching, holding, wanting.

Nicholas grasped Quinn at the nape of his neck, controlling the kiss, eating at his lips, and devouring his whimpers. Nicholas pushed him higher, and Quinn’s cock throbbed in his dress pants, begging for any friction, any touch. Anything… everything. At that moment, his body belonged to Nicholas O’Brien, and he wanted whatever the man desired, wanted so much more than he could ever hope to have, could risk having again.

Diventando: The Vessel!!

Author Bio
JC "Jake" Wallace started writing from a young age, but took a break for marriage, kids, and college (in that order). A few years ago, he rediscovered his passion and ventured out into the brave new world of publishing. He now has several novels and short stories published. At night and on the weekends, Jake writes about all things men, believing there is nothing hotter than two men finding and loving one another, whether for a night or forever. An avid reader of M/M romance, Jake loves a good twist of a plot, HEA, HFN, or tragic ending. He also writes what his bestie calls HUNK (Happy Until the Next Kidnapping). In his daytime hours, Jake works with individuals with autism and behavior problems. He is owned by a beautiful partner, three kids, two grandchildren, two dogs and one cat. He lives in the Adirondack Mountains in Northern NY.

Also by Jake:
Amber Allure

R&P Publishing


Author Info:

Saturday, March 14, 2015

I'd Say, "It's Been Awhile."

That's quite an understatement.  In an effort to get back into writing, I thought I would start with some baby steps.  Getting back into writing for my blog is one of the those steps.  A steep step at that!  This was more so than I expected, being I've not been on my email in almost a month.  1355 Facebook notifications, 104 emails, 3 items needing immediate attention, 157 promotions and assorted other emails: Are you alive?  Are you ever going to write another book?  Do you draw anymore?  Please do not tell me you've stopped writing because people did not like your last book.  This one made me giggle.  Without doing a blog, I had plenty of writing material for today, simply replying back to emails.

It might be the social butterfly in me or the need for some attention, validation or any other narcissistic label one could put on a writer.  Then there's the artist in me, which I suppose doubles this in me.  Either way, I thought I would blog today.  A mix of sharing my thoughts, as they come in and out of my head, or until I decide to join my snoring girl back in bed.  I thought I'd respond to a few messages...

Are you alive? 
Absent from social media, but very much so.  Just extremely busy.

Are you ever going to write another book? 
Yes, I have a few ideas going through my head.  Two of them are another book with Derrick and Justin; something with them as teenagers and the other I am still deciding on picking up ending college or after college with the pair.

Do you draw anymore? 
Honestly, not really.  A friend of mine bought me a Zentangle book and some pens for my birthday.  I immediately loved the idea of a disciplined drawing and using it to refine my form.  I made it through about 7 of the units and then stopped.  I keep saying I am going to get back into doing one a week, leaving the book and my pen pouch out on my desk, yet this has not happened.  I need to quit thinking and simply draw when an idea strikes.

Please do not tell me you've stopped writing because people did not like your last book. 
As with every book, readers are going to like it and others are not going to like it.  It was an idea I'd had for quite some time and I am glad that I wrote it.  My best friend and I whom the characters are loosely based upon know what is true and what was fiction.  Although Pieces of Us did not have the popularity of my previous books, I am quite proud of the book.

Are you ever going to put your books into audiobooks?
Although I have no current plans to do such, I do hope this will happen in the next few years.  I had a few friends willing to read for Finding Our Way.  I had some audio of the book somewhere.  I know I am reluctant to do so.

How are you and Cooper doing?
We're both very well.  Still walking regularly, her insisting when I'm trying to get out of it.  I've had a cold over the past week and she's been right there to cuddle with me in bed, putting me right to sleep.  She came up to have me pick her up a few minutes ago, thus making typing difficult.

I miss your blog.  Even though I don't comment, I do read your blog.
Although not a question, I have about a dozen emails stating the same message.  I wanted to acknowledge the people who've been inquiring and in their own way encouraging me to find my way back.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

The Cover Art Process

I've been asked many times to write a blog post about creating the cover art for my books.  Although I am sure I am not the only author who designs their own book covers, I know of no other that creates the images for their covers.  It has been encouraging being I still get more compliments, feedback and praise for my artwork.

The idea of doing this I have always thought was great, however by the time it has been suggested, I'd already completed the artwork.  With Pieces of Us, I intended to stop and take pictures along the way, however I ended up getting into the painting and the idea was lost.  With this cover I used wet watercolors and did the images in layers, thus forcing me to wait for each layer to dry and giving me a few opportunities to take a few pictures along the way.

Knowing they were going to be eventually put into puzzle pieces, I started with the smaller images a few at a time.

They were eventually made into puzzle pieces as was originally planned.

Not being happy with the smaller puzzle images I decided that I was going to go a different direction with the cover and came up with the following idea.  It was not well received by the feedback panel and to my disappointment I was back to the original idea.

I knew what I wanted to the cover image to look like, but I was not sure about the medium I wanted to use, so I messed around with water color pencil, oil pastels, crayon and pencil.  None of them captured the look I had envisioned in my head.

Water Color Pencil Concept

Oil Pastel Concept

Then my art therapist friend introduced me to wet water colors.  I was reluctant to use them at first, because I was not able to control them as I could other mediums I used and this frustrated me.  Within a few weeks, I went out and bought me my own set of wet water colors and set forth on the cover, learning to be patient or end up having to redo the cover.

Here is a progression of my painting.  I was more into creating that I often forgot to snap shots of the process.  This give you an idea of the layers.  The sky, followed by the water came first.

The finished product was finished.  As I was cleaning up the sun disappeared and out of no where it began to rain.


Once the cover image was drawn, it is scanned into the computer and manipulated until I have what I had envisioned.  Sometimes I get some crazy ideas as you can see.

Once all the images were created and manipulated, came the time to put them together.  Here are what the layers looked like before they were put all together.

After a few more tweaks (and tears) the cover is complete!

I hope that you enjoy my sharing of the process. 

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas!

I hope everyone is enjoying the holidays with their loved ones as I am.  Yesterday, I didn't time decorating the gingerbread house my mom bought me at the beginning of the holiday season. I'd committed to getting it decorated before Christmas, which I managed to accomplish in the nick of time. It's been nice to have time off.  So far I've been relaxing and lounging for the most part.
Although I have not done any writing over the last couple of months or much drawing either, I am working on striking a balance in my day to day life. This means getting back into doing some writing and drawing, even if it is only an hour a week or so. I also want to get back into reading. I've noticed over the last couple of months that I just keep piling up books. If I guess my big goal for 2015 is to get balance back in my life.
I'm happy to be busy and have so much going on. 2014 has really shaped up to be a great year for me I feel truly blessed.
My new book,  How It Was Supposed To Be is going through edits.  The cover has been finalized and everything is on track for a release some time in 2015.

Friday, September 5, 2014

Oregon Coast Vacation

Beverly Beach, Pacific Ocean
Since returning from my trip over a week ago, I have both wanted to do a post, sharing the pictures and I keep getting requests to do so.  Being that I finally have had a moment to do so, I thought I would sit down and do a post sharing (only a few of) the pictures I took as well as give a brief recap of the trip.
Beverly Beach, Oregon

This was our main destination and where we stayed most of our nights.  After only getting to spend one night here last year, I was glad to have several days here to explore and enjoy. As I promised Cooper and myself, we did go for at least one walk a day.

Oceanside Houses

Tillamook Cheese Factory & Oceanside Beach

Although Tillamook was crowded and nowhere near fun as it has been in the past, I was happy with the decision to drive out and check out Oceanside.  This place was such a beautiful sandy beach.  It was not crowded at all, even though the weather was warm, with lots of sunbathers, swimmer and surfers using the beach.  I was easily able to get several pictures of the beach and ocean without the obstacles of people.

Oceanside Beach

Miniature Golf - Florence

Miniature Golf Course
We were able to get in a round of miniature golf on perhaps my favorite course.  Last year the “green” was blue, which I thought looked much better.  I still favor this course.   There were several groups of six people playing and we spent more time waiting for the two large groups in front of us than playing.  After lunch in town, we were able to get in another round of golf.  I did horribly on both games, but was glad to get a chance to play the course.


Sand Dunes - Florence

The sand dunes are always so much fun!  It is amazing to see so much sand so near to the Pacific Ocean.  The view the whole way was so magnificent.  I took more pictures on the tour than I had any other day of the trip.  The ride was a blast and I am seriously thinking about taking the faster one next time I go.

Dunes with forest in the distance

Pacific Ocean

Pacific Ocean

Food, Delicious Food

Dunes & Pacific Ocean
Each and every place we ate at was a great experience.  Ocean Locals I had perhaps the best bacon cheeseburger on a Ciabatta bun along with crispy fries and a tartar sauce with horseradish in it.  When I am going through, I always like to stop at the original Izzy’s in Newport with the best food out of any of the restaurants and the most beautiful view.  We do not have any A&W standalone restaurants and the combo few with KFC are pure crap.  The food was okay, but having a diet A&W root beer in a chilled mug was refreshing.  The hit place we at was called Mo’s, going twice for dinner. Both times, I had clam chowder and the house salad with fish and chips the first evening and chicken strips the second evening. 


New Port

For the most part, we ate dinner in Newport.  Yet our time there seemed to go by fast.  We explored parts we never had been before.  We even got to spend time watching a bunch of sea lions on a dock, close up.


Devil’s Punch Bowl
Pacific Ocean

We timed our visit to coincide with the high tide, hoping to see the bowl fill up.  The water never ended up rising very high.  The view was beautiful and we had two great spots to watch.

Pacific Ocean standing above bowl
Devil's Punch Bowl
Pacific Ocean & Beach


At Beverly Beach Park there were a series of trails along the outside of the park.  Cooper  and I explored one during the day with the everyone else.   Cooper and I were at the lead.  One direction of the trailed ended up going through a swamp and ended up at a dead end, while the longer took us in a roundabout way down to the beach. 

Devil's Punch Bowl
Another hike was one I insisted on doing, as it was getting dark our last night.  Cooper kept on stopping and wanted to turn back.  It did not take me long to start thinking about Friday the 13th and getting spooked.  The third time Cooper was quite insistent we head back the direction we came, I decided that it was a good idea.  We high tailed it out of the woods.


Taidnapam Park, Washington

Riffe Lake at Taidnapam
Riffe Lake at Taidnapam
With our reservation being one day shorter than we had planned, we decided to see if we could find another place to spend one more night.  Fort Stevens Park in Warrington, Oregon was our first choice, however it was completely full, so after stopping for lunch we headed back to Washington state.  We were able to find a few openings at Tainapam, Park on a first-come, first-serve basis.  After several hours in the car I was torn on simply continuing the drive home or getting a place to stay for another night.  Fortunately, when we arrived the spot we wanted was still available.  I wasn’t appreciative of this until we got into the park.  I was glad we made this extra stop.  All of us liked it so much that we decided to stay two nights, extending our trip by one whole day.



Riffe Lake at Taidnapam
In short, this was my Oregon vacation down through Tillamook to Florence.  The weather was perfect, not to hot, not too cold. 
All of the pictures I took were with my Samsung Galaxy Note II smartphone.

Riffe Lake at Taidnapam

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Welcome Dylan Sterling from PIECES OF US

My name is Dylan Sterling.  I am one of the main characters in Jayson James’ upcoming book Pieces of Us.  With a name like Dylan, you might be inclined to think that I’m a boy, but let me assure you that I am a true 100% girl.  It is also imperative that I share with you, the reader that I am only writing this so Jesse will quit nagging me about doing a promo spot.

Let me share a little bit about myself.  I love books.  Ever since I was a little girl, I have loved to read.  I always have a few books with me at all times.  Nothing is worse than getting through a book and not having something else to read for me.  Books give me a chance to let my mind wander off to another place. I am trying to rub my love of reading off on Jesse, so far, well he’s just not that into it unless I read them to him.  Which leads me to my other favorite past time, hanging out at the lake.  The dock in particular.  Sanders Lake is beautiful.  Whether sitting or lying on the dock, dangling my feet it, it is mine and Jesse’s spot to be.  Three to four months out of the year we spend a lot of time at or in the lake.

Set in the summer of 1988, pop culture is prevalent and life was different than it is today.  Pieces of Us is about two best friends, Jesse Stetson and myself and the summer when our lives both changed.  For me, after a series of dating I finally find a boyfriend, who is sweet, charming and an all-around nice guy.  Yes, and as Jesse wants me to include he has a hot body.  For Jesse, he is dealing with an internal turmoil that he is afraid to admit to himself and furthermore makes it impossible for him to share with anyone else. Lucky for him, he has me. I make sure to be there for him and try to help him as much as I can. We are like two peas in a pod. Being a teenager can suck a lot at times, but friends and boyfriends can make it a little easier.
A few interesting facts about Pieces of Us

·         All of the businesses named in the book were all quite popular and at their heyday during the time this book takes place, yet all of them are out of business or were bought out by another company and the names changed.  The exception to this are the places of business that are used in most of Jayson James’ other books.

·         The font that is used on the front cover of the book is named Cooper.  The name of the font wasn’t noticed until after it was determined to be used.

·         All the movies and songs that are mentioned in this book were actual ones the author was interested in at the time.  They were also cross-referenced to make sure the timing, dates and popularity were remembered correctly.

Be sure to keep a watch out for Pieces of Us, which will release on September 20, 2014, which also  is Jayson James’ birthday!

Pieces of Us is available for preorder now from both Amazon and Smashwords.


Sunday, August 17, 2014

What’s Next? Fabulous Five Blog Hop

I was invited to the Fabulous Five Bog Hop by the oh-so- tantalizing Gillian St. Kevern, who is an author of mystery, vampire and paranormal romance.  These are a few topics I would like to attempt with my own writing.
What am I working on?
I am getting ready to start back to work on a book that features the twins, Tyler and Tyson Hensley from the Finding Our Way series.  The book actually takes place before the books in my series.  Tyler and Tyson are middle school age and have not moved to Chandler, Washington yet.  However they are the double trouble duo with a different set of friends.  The story starts out in their hometown of Ashville, Oregon and follows them until they move to Chandler, Washington where they connect with some familiar characters from a few of my previous books.  The book itself I started a few years back and never finished.  The characters, Tyler and Tyson I liked so much that I included them in my first three books.  The few people who read the one chapter I wrote of this book have been asking me to finish it for quite some time.
How does my work differ from others in its genre?
As with all my previous books, I write a story, not giving any thought to what genre it fits into.  My only concern ever, has been to write the book I have in my head.  This will definitely be a young adult book, however I am not going to pander to what to deemed social norms are as in regards to content.  Working with this age of kids, I am more apt to keep it real, connecting my readers to believable kids in believable situations.  Currently, I am trying to decide if I want to keep the content geared towards young adults or do my own thing.
Why do I write what I do?
Because these seem to be the stories that pop into my head and I am able to put into a book.  As I get my ideas out of my head and published, I am finding others ae popping into it.  It is always an adventure to see where my inspiration lies.
How does my writing process work?
These stories pop into my head and I get thinking and putting them together.  As I am thinking of them, I end up talking with a friend or two about them.  It is interesting, some people I know will simply listen, while others (for better or worse) will have suggestions for me on what I should include.  In both situations, I work out the details further in my mind until I have a book I want to write or it becomes an idea I jot down and file away.
I will sit down and start writing for a bit (an undetermined amount of time) and then when I reach a stopping point, I will reflect.  During this reflection time, I decide whether I am going to continue writing the story I’d begun or if I am going to save what I’ve written and wait.  If I’m going to wait I will type in whatever notes I have in my head or written down at the end of the document, close it and think about what big f—king waste of time that was.  I either will fume over it or immediately move onto something else.
If what I started writing is going to be something I am going to turn into a book, I will write out the characters on my board.  This is when I spend too much time fretting over each character’s name, debating if I like how they sound and if the name will match the personality, as well as making sure no one I cannot stand comes to mind having the same name.

Continuing with the board, I outline the chapters in my head.  This always seems to be the first four chapters, a gap proceeded by what will end up being chapters eight and nine, several more gaps, a chapter, several more gaps, a chapter, several more gaps, and then the final four to five chapters.  If I play it smart, I type these into my document, so I can easily move them around about every third time I sit down to write.  Otherwise, I put them onto Post-It Notes, so that I can move them around on my board or at least think about it as I write.
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