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Monday, December 31, 2012

"Summer Escape" Free Promotion

The Kindle version of Summer Escape will be available for free starting January 1, 2013 through January 5, 2013.  Feel free to let anyone you know who might be interested.  It will be greatly appreciated!  I am hoping to draw in more readers as well as additional reviews and likes for at least my short story.  (Hint, hint.)   My editor thinks this is a good sample of what my writing is like.  Enjoy!

Happy New Year!!!

Friday, December 28, 2012

Give Me a Break

After going through edits and changes, reviewing the cover design, going through edits and changes two more times, reviewing the cover design again and looking through one last round of edits before handing it off I was ready for a break.   One of my closest friends graciously offered to read my latest book, note anything he thought I should look at and do my least favorite thing to do, write the book description.  Everything has gone smoothly and I had time to myself until after the first of the year.  During this time, I was going to relax, read, socialize and take a break from writing.  Three days in when my friend and editor called to see how I was enjoying my break, I told her that I’d been working on outlining and writing ideas for what would be the third (and final) book in the Finding Our Way series as we have come to think of it.  She was not the least bit surprised and supportive of my decision to keep on going, but advised me not to burn myself out.  Long story short, once I had most of the ideas out of my head for now, I was able to relax.

I’ve been able to take advantage of the time to do a little reading of my own.  I started out with a modern telling of Beauty and the Beast by Alex Flinn called Beastly.  It was different from the movie, which was both good and bad for a variety of reasons.  I enjoyed the book, reading it in a couple of days, but it was not a great book.  This lead me to looking for a book I thought I would enjoy.  I started checking to see what my friends on www.goodreads.com were reading and suggesting.  I added several books to my wish list, yet none of them was anything I felt like reading. 

Then I saw the cover to Strings Attached by Nick Nolan and clicked to see what the book was about. Glancing through the description "think the TV series The OC" caught my eye. The OC has always been a guilty pleasure of mine; I watch the complete series about once a year. I bought the book and started reading it based on those few words. Quickly I was drawn into reading about Jeremy Tyler and completely sucked into the storyline, reading the entire book over the next couple of days. There is so much I loved about Strings Attached, from the characters to the setting. I am glad that I was drawn to the beautiful artwork on the cover! Upon finishing the book, I was delighted to see that Nick Nolan wrote a sequel to the book, Double Bound. I picked it up and started reading it today. I am enjoying this book too. I have a feeling before I head back to writing, I will be reading everything by this author.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

BOOK SALE = "Finding Our Way" Price Reduced!

Exciting news! The Kindle version of my first book is on $2.99 from now until the end of the year! That is 75% off from the print version.

Pick it up today! You can click on the cover image below, which will take you directly to Amazon.

It is also available for the Nook at the same low price (by clicking here)!

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Thank you!

Friday, December 14, 2012


This afternoon, I arrived home to a huge box.  Inside were various gifts from a longtime friend of mine.  My favorite item was this box, filled with cards she made me for birthdays and other occasions to give to others.  Last year, I asked her for some cards and she gladly shared a bunch with me.  My friends have been delighted to receive them ever sense.  My concern was they have always been in this little bag and I have been worried about them getting smashed or damaged.  With the cards she gave me today, she put them in this awesome black box! 

There were other assorted items, such as fine tip permanent markers, I am looking forward to using, although I am not sure on what yet.  As well as she included some Crayola Neon Explosion Markers and some mini drawing pads that I plan on using this weekend.  Along with some cocoa, a mug and other assorted goodies.  It was quite fun to open up all the little packages!  Her gifts to me sparked my excitement for Christmas.  I feel so spoiled!

As cold as it felt when I was out earlier, I believe we will be getting snow soon.   This is my story and I’m sticking to it.  Otherwise I spent money on a new winter coat because not only did it look cool, but also it is down a size from my other coats.  Regardless, I am happy with my new winter coat.  Unlike my new jacket I bought last weekend, I plan on wearing it sometime soon.  The same goes for the jacket.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Exciting News

Taking a break away from going through edits this afternoon, I uploaded the images for Finding Our Way on Goodreads (http://www.goodreads.com/author/show/6590610.Jayson_James).  I also added Summer Escape.  It is exciting for me to see people picking up my book to read.

I am going to the movie Perks of Being a Wallflower.  Each time I have seen the preview, it has struck up my interest.  I am looking forward to seeing it.

This day off has gone by way too fast!

Monday, December 10, 2012

Links Are Working

Much to my delight tonight, I finally was able to get the links to work for buying my books.  I just tested each one of them out and each of them is working correctly!   There are a couple of other ways to buy, but I am saving them for another day.

As I have been working on this project tonight, I’ve been watching  A Christmas Story.  This is one of my favorite Christmas movies.  I was hoping it would put me more into the spirit of the season.  This past weekend I saw A Christmas Story 2 and was quite impressed!  There were some corny parts in it, but it was cute.  I would like to watch it again. 

I've also been working on promoting my website as well as my books.  It would be nice to search and find my name (and my books) to come up at the top of searches. 

Friday, December 7, 2012

Round and Round and Round

I tried to set-up a Google Play account and i-Tunes account to offer my book.   Google would not accept my Google account and I was not about to get another email address now that I have recently gotten my email streamlined.  Apparently i-Tunes will not deal with you if you are not working from an Apple device, which I cannot stand anything they make. 

Then there was the most difficult of all, Barnes and Noble’s Nook.  At one point I had my short story offered for the Nook, but with my agreement with Amazon of exclusively offering my book for the first three months of publication, I took it down.  I searched in vain on their website.  Then when I went on Google, it took me back to Circleville.  After about 25-minutes of going around in circles, I have decided it is not my night to attempt to offer my books in other formats.

Now I wish I would have just sat down and went through edits and changes  for Tormented Discovery. 

***Update 12/8/12:  By the end of the weekend, my book and story will be available for the Nook.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Book Reviews and Christmas Cards

Tonight I finished reading a great book, Catharsis , which I picked up Saturday from Amazon and started reading immediately. When I was searching for a book to buy, thinking I had not read anything by Stephen King in a while, I came across the book and liked the cover. Although I know that is not how one is supposed to judge a book, in fact it was the cover caught my attention. From the moment I started reading the book, was drawn into it. I wanted to pick up another book by this Indy author, but he has not published anything else.

Speaking of reading, last week I finished reading Something Like Winter by Jay Bell. It was nice getting to spend time with Ben Bentley and Tim Wyman again. Although I liked Tim from Something Like Summer, reading the story from his point of view made me adore him more. I found myself bawling my eyes out many times while reading and hoping the two of them would fall in love and live happily ever after. I enjoyed seeing how Jay told the story from a different perspective. It was amazing to see just how different the story unfolded and progressed seeing life through Tim. Now that I have finished it, I keep thinking about reading it again.

My Christmas cards are sitting on my desk beside my laptop, waiting to be done. As I waited to hear back from friends that I somehow misplaced their addresses, I thought I had my excuse not to get them done and sent out. Over the last couple of days, my friends have been getting ahold of me and providing me with their addresses. Therefore, I guess I am going to have to start working on them and get them sent out. Of course I could justify blowing them off for a couple of more days, being I have not received any myself.

Before I do anything, I need to get my clothes together for working out tomorrow.  My workout buddy will be proud that I have remembered my towel on my own. 

Monday, December 3, 2012

Blog Coming Along

Thanks to much help from my friend Sienko today!  With his help I was able to make some headway tonight on the website.  Until I am happy with it, I am going to keep making changes.  Let me know what you think!

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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Under Construction

I have been putting off getting a website together for months.  Then this morning when I woke up, it felt like an urgent matter to get one up and running.  Hopefully over the next couple of weeks I will have this all set up.