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TIM is being bullied. ERIC is frustrated with life. DELSIN is gay and ready to come out.

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

With each passing year, it seems as if time passes by quicker.  This past year has gone by in a blur and as I am sitting here with a cup of coffee attempting to wake up and reflecting, it has been a great year.

For me as an author, I published Tormented Discovery at the first of the year.  The book was received well, gaining several reviews within a couple months of release.  Hayden quickly became many reader's favorite character, as seen by all the fan mail he generated ranging from how much people adored him to speculating about Ryan and him in the future.  Although I have disappointed several people by not having any further books planned with him, I must reiterate that I never know what ideas will pop into my head.  About six months later I published Drifting, a book I had long wanted to write and share with the world.  The story itself had several elements I have never seen in any other book within the M/M genre at any age.  Anyone who has read this book has loved it and has had nothing but praise for it.  I was delighted to take readers through a gay relationship that has well past the "honeymoon phase" and explore what happens when two people who have be so important to each other are struggling with whether or not to work it out or call it quits.  Ian was a character I was glad to be able to share with readers and hope that those who think to be gay means to be sexy and thin realize gays come in all shapes and sizes.  Ryan has been adored by many and from what I have gathered the readers are forgiving me for how things played out with him and Hayden.   I wish that I could gain more readers beyond those who have read the previous books in the series.  There have been many times I have thought about publishing the book under a different title in order to gain more readers.  Every time I get to thinking about it, I spend hours thinking about how I could rework it to release it as an individual book. 

As in regards to social media, I've hit several milestones.  My website, where this blog is located went through a major overhaul (and I hope to make some more changes over the next couple of months), improving the site immensely.   Traffic to my website went from 1545 visitors as of January 14, 2013 to 33076 as of this moment.  After creating my Facebook author page I hoped to reach 300 likes by the end of the year, as of today I have 525 Likes.  My own Facebook page went from having 324 friends to gaining another 401.  Twitter is something I feel I am horrible with, I have managed to get 377 followers.

In my personal life... Cooper, Cooper, Cooper!  Anyone who knows me, knows it does not take much to get me to talk about my doghter (dog daughter), who has enriched my life so much.  She is growing up to be such a wonderful dog.  I've been so glad that my friends have appreciated my posting pictures of her.  I've been fortunate enough to take several trips, many of them to the coast.  I have had fun in Westport, Long Beach, Seaside, New Port, Cannon Beach, Lincoln Beach, Warrington, Astoria and others in between as well as the ones in California I cannot recall the names of.  I must mention again how Crater Lake was breath-taking!  Most recently I got to see The Goonies house in person, a favorite of mine since I was a kid (and I'll leave it at that).

Life has been such a whirlwind since even before my vacation has started.  I must be going. 

Happy New Year to you!  Thank you for your continued support!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Guest Blogger = TM Smith

TM Smith top 10 LGBT YA books (and one movie)

This is in no particular order as I couldn’t tell you hands down which is my favorite, although I do have a strong bond with Alec and Magnus! All these books are fantastic in their own way. Raw, original, gritty, dark, desperate, fulfilling and accurate. That is how I would describe them. All of these books have either a HEA or a HFN and they are all teenager friendly. These books will make you laugh, cry, scream at your kindle and then jump for joy. I hope if you haven’t read them all, you will.

*Not Broken, Just Bent by Mia Kerick


*The Sweet Revenge of Celia Door by Karen Finneyfrock


*The Leech series by James Crawford

{Caleo book 1, Jack book 2, and Nolan book 3 coming soon}


*The Finding Our Way series by Jayson James

{Finding Our Way book 1, Tormented Discovery book 2, Drifting book 3}


*Waiting for Forever series by Jamie Mayfield

{Choices book 1, Destiny book 2, Determination book 3}


*A Broken Kind of Life by Jamie Mayfield


*Dumb Jock the Musical by Jeff Erno


*By the Creek by Geoff Laughton


*You Belong With Me by Jeff Erno


*The Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Claire


And as an added bonus I am going to list my new favorite LGBTQ family friendly movie. White Frog which stars Boo Boo Stewart (Seth in Twilight) shows the viewer what life is like through the eyes of a young man with Asperger’s Syndrome. His rock in life is his older brother Chaz, who is killed in an accident, sending young Nick into a tailspin and tearing apart his already fragile family. When he and his slightly homophobic family learn that Chaz was gay, will they ever be able to pick up the pieces of their shattered lives?


Such a well written, acted and expressed film. Love, loss, ignorance and finally.. hope. It’s streaming on Netflix so if you subscribe, I recommend you watch this one. Have Kleenex close by though, you will need them.


Thank you so much Jayson for jumping on the blog tour bus for The Library, and hosting me on your blog today. To everyone else, go buy my books! Just kidding………. Maybe. ;-)

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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Hijacking Jayson James' Blog -- Welcome, Nerd Alert Book Love Blog Hop!

“Ha!  Ha!  We did it!”

“So we hijacked Jayson James' Blog.” I said back. “What are we going to write about?”

“Anything we want.  We just need to get it written and posted quick.”

I shrugged, “I don’t know what to write about.”

“Derrick Wilson, think people will enjoy whatever we write.”  Justin Parker, my boyfriend, bobbed his eyebrows at me while sitting next to me on the bed.  This was something that always gets me. 

“Extraordinary.  My extraordinary boyfriend.”  Looking over at Justin, he was grinning. 

I shook my head in disagreement, “Although it is true, I am not going to put that.” 

He insisted, “Come on!  Why not?”

“It’s gay.” I bit my lip.

His jaw dropped.  His silence was brief, “We are gay.”

We both started to cackle and laughed ourselves into hysterics, nearly knocking my laptop onto the floor.  

“All right!  Time to get our shit together.”  Justin so eloquently put it.  “Time to get our asses in gear.”

I put my hand up, signaling him to stop, “Whoa!  You cannot talk like that here.”

“What?  Why the fu…“  Justin was silenced with my pointer finger being gently pressed on his lips.  He scowled at me.  I removed my finger and he was talking again, “Okay!  Down to business here.”  He grinned at me, “Then we can…”

It only took a scowl to silence him.  I winked at him and nodded my head in agreement.  That was all he needed.  I suggested, “Let’s talk about the books, Jayson and upcoming projects.”

Justin grinned, “Great idea!”

“Then why don’t you start us off?”

Finding Our Way is the first book.  When it was written there was no thought given to writing a series.  It was our story of two best of friends who discover during their junior year that they are both gay and in love with each other.”  Justin was on a role, “Next came Tormented Discovery, which was going to be written and shelved until after the release of several other books.  Although there were some loose ends left in the first book, the thought was the book could wait.  By this time, readers were reading and asking for more.  The decision was made to publish book two and then move onto another book.  There were concerns about being pigeonholed or being thought of as a one trick pony.”  He took a quick breath, “The idea for Drifting was already bubbling over and had to be written out.  The idea of two boyfriends past the honeymoon phase and thinking it might be time to call it quits is something rarely seen in M/M books.  The story itself was one that had long been waiting to be told.  It seemed to be a great way to end off the series.  Thus, a series was written.  Readers have fallen in love with the characters and are still asking for more.”

He looked to me.  It caught me off guard for a moment and then I had an idea, “In works is a book with Tyson and Tyler Hensley, the twins.  A couple of years ago, Jayson James started writing a book with these two in it.  The story takes place in Tyson and Tyler’s middle school years, prior to meeting Justin and myself.  It will be filled with lots of antics from the twins and I am sure will have plenty of laughs.”

Justin was ready to speak, “Prior to that, will be the release of TED.  TED is the story of Tim, Eric and Delsin.  Tim is kid that is trying his best to survive high school, which would be easier if he was not constantly being bullied.  Eric is the resident tough guy, with many secrets to hide from being who is to being bullied himself.  Delsin knows he’s gay, but he’s not ready for his family, friends or anyone else to know.  Please be sure to comment on this post for a chance to win an ARC of TED.”

I looked at Justin, unsure of what to say.   He grinned, picking up a book and holding up a dollar bill next to it.  Then it clicked for me, “If you have not read any of our books, be sure to pick up the Finding Our Way Series Collection available for a limited time.  You can purchase it on Amazon by clicking on any of the titles or by going to Smashwords.  It is like buying two books and getting the third free.”

Justin put his head on my shoulder.  I put my head on his.  We sat for a moment before Justin reached over and put his hand on my leg.  I in turn put my hand on his.  He turned towards me and moved his face close to mine.

“Oh, no!”

“Oh, yes!”

Sunday, December 8, 2013

QTA Christmas Blog Hop Featuring Jayson James

What Christmas Means to Me

When I was initially approached about doing this blog hop, I was excited, being like most authors, the chance for some additional attention was something I could not pass up.  Then I saw that I was going to have to write about Christmas, even worse being what it means to me, then the trouble ensued.  I spent a couple of days wracking my brain on what I could write about, without coming up with anything.  Then I forgot about it, until an email arrived reminding me of my participating.

Beyond the birth of Jesus and everything I grew up learning, Christmas to me is about family and friends.  It is the time of year where we take the time to care and share with each other.   As I sit here, I think about how everything l enjoy with Christmas centers around, food, activities and socializing.  Some of the finer highpoints are going to look at Christmas lights, various meals and assorted gift exchanges.   It is nice to take time to spend with family and friends.

Over the years, my family and I have been working on getting back into celebrating.  A few years ago, we decided to skip Christmas, instead taking a trip down to California, hitting Universal Studios, Disneyland, Sea World and everything else we could find the time to see.   It was so nice to take a break from the craziness of the holiday season and we liked it so much, years later we still have not gotten back into the whole routine.

This year is going to be extra fun, with it being my puppy’s first Christmas.  Having a puppy is very much like having a kid, or so I imagine.  There is the excitement and curiosity.  She is fascinated about everything, which in turn gets me excited.   As with Thanksgiving there will be food and I saw how she enjoyed the many foods we had to enjoy, with Christmas there will be many more.

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