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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

My Blah-og

Ever since I made the decision on to publish, it was quite evident to me that social media would play an important part in my success.  Any author I read and liked had a website, Facebook and Twitter.  Facebook was the easiest for me to set-up, being it made the most sense to me.  It seemed like I could not have a Facebook without a Twitter.  While I still do not get hash tags and other things about Twitter, tweets (my friends after laughing at me for weeks of calling them twits corrected me) were pretty straight forward.  Then there was a website.   This notion was overwhelming to me on so many levels.  A friend of mine suggested places where I could get a domain, a server and other things which to me simply added to money out of my pocket.  After researching and talking to friends, I’d come away with doing something I felt comfortable with.  Eventually I decided to go with a blog, being I had used one to share my writing and drawings with my friends across the country and around the world and it seemed simply enough.

Although no one has told me so, I feel like my blog is blah.   Sure I have created other pages on my site in attempt to give my readers things I would like to see when I go check out an author’s website, but as far as my blog goes, I have gotten into a promotional rut.  Don’t get me wrong, I want my books to sale, just as every author does.  A piece of advice I’d read (and I wish I could remember the source) an author gave was not to turn your social media into a frequent sales pitch.  This being is there is a good chance the people visiting your blog have already bought you book as well as it is not interesting to have an interest in a blog, subscribe to it and later discover it is one sales pitch after another.  Sure, I want to let as many people know when  I have a new book out and believe me, I will be let as many people as I can know.  It is the in between time where I would like to give more content and what I think my readers would want.

One important lesson I’ve learned in life is not to say “I’ll never…”   The reason being is I somehow inevitably end up doing it.  Here is a short list of things throughout my life I said I’ll never:  use profanities in published piece of work, kiss a boy… Okay that’s enough examples, I think you get the picture.  As I was commenting to a friend of mine the other day about how I’ll never be able to run a blog, all I could do was listen and smile.  My friend was offering up advice about just being myself and let my thoughts fly, to which I had a couple clever and some devilish ideas.  Another piece of advice was to share and be myself and people will either like what they read or not.  There was some other sound advice, but of course my mind was already thinking about what I wanted to do.

So I suppose the poimt of this (long-winded) post is I suppose my way of saying, “Subscribe or at least keep coming back to check out  www.jaysonjamesbooks.blogspot.com because I am going to keep making changes that I hope are for the better.  I have some ideas for some interesting posts and I am going to get the drop down menu’s I have wanted from the first time I set up the site just to name a few. 

Monday, January 28, 2013

"Tormented Discovery" Released Today!!!

I am excited to (finally) announce that my second novel, Tormented Discovery has been released.

It can be found in your desired format from Amazon, Smashwords and Barnes & Noble.

Please, help spread the word!

Thank you!

Note: I will have something special for the first 10 people to post their review of Tormented Disovery on Amazon.

My giveaway continues to celebrate the release...

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Thank You!

I just wanted to take a moment to say THANK YOU!   For the last couple of days I have thought about doing this, yet I am not sure why I have not.  As I have been feeling overburdened and stressed, it can be easy to overlook what I have going for me.  While talking with a friend on the phone this evening I was again reminded at how lucky I really am.  I just wanted to take a moment to say...

THANK YOU JEN!!! Without Jennifer Kusakabe, I would have never published. It was Jen from the beginning that read and insisted I had a book people would enjoy reading. She has put in numerous hours, editing, reading, checking for continity and constantly supporting an artist! There is so much that she does and if it was not for her no one would know who Jayson James was. Life seems to be a series of edits. Once Tormented Discovery is done, we will be working with the edits of my first book, which are already under way.  Jen, I cannot tell you enough, how much I appreciate you!

THANK YOU TO THOSE WHO HAVE LEFT A BOOK REVIEW!!!  It has meant so much to read (and hear) everyone's thoughts on my writing.  Whether it is a review on Amazon, Smashwords, Goodreads, Barnes & Noble or an email to me, I have been excited with each and every one.  Believe me, I take to account every compliment and piece of constructive criticism given to me.

THANK YOU TO MY READERS!!!  I am still amazed at how many people have picked up my book and my short story.  It has touched my heart, seeing how many people  have had an interest in reading what I write.

THANK YOU TO THOSE WHO LIKE ME ON FACEBOOK!!!   For several months I was afraid to create an author page out of fear that no one would "like me."

THANK YOU TO THOSE WHO FOLLOW ME!!!  Whether it be Twitter, my blog, Google+, or Facebook, I am grateful to see there are people who are interested in keeping up with me.  One of my goals for this year was to keep the content on each of these different, making it worth while to follow me on each of them.  With the exception of my giveaway, I think I have been doing pretty well at this.

THANK YOU MY FRIENDS!!!  Those who listen to me talk (some days on and on and on and on and on and on...) about my writing, editing, ideas and "everything else."

THANK YOU FELLOW AUTHORS!!!  It has been wonderful getting a chance to talk with other authors about my writing as well as theirs.  Each one has been kind and forthcoming with pointers, support and being overall great people.

THANK YOU TO YOU, IF YOU ARE READING THIS!!!  Rather than fret, worry and keep coming back to this post, hoping I did not miss anyone, please know it was not intentional.


Saturday, January 19, 2013

Book Give Away

To celebrate the release of my new novel, Tormented Discovery, I am giving away to 3 lucky winners, a ebook copy.  Enter below for your chance to win! 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Send me an email if you have any questions. 
Get the code here to share! -- Thank you!

Thanks for your participation and good luck!

Friday, January 18, 2013

Three Day Weekend

Tormented Discovery is just days away from release. I have gone through changes and think the book is looking great.  My editor is wrapping up her last go through and will be sending them to me in the next couple of days.  Once these last changes are made, the book will be ready for release.  Now that it looks like we will be making our date, I am tempted to post it.  I better not jinx it.  Over the next couple of days, I hope to make updates to the Tormented Discovery page.

This weekend I am looking forward to both relaxing and taking care of things.  So far the list of things I need to get done consists of only a few items.  As does my list of social obligations.  This means I will have plenty of time to do a little writing.  My new goal for myself is that if I am not writing during the time I set aside, I am going to do a little drawing (or attempt something else productive).

Tonight I bought a couple of songs  I have wanted to buy for a couple of weeks now.  I have them added to my Google Play lists now to listen to throughout the weekend, where I hope to get a lot of writing done!

Keep an eye out for a chance to win an autographed copy of Tormented Discovery.  The contest will start the day of the book release.  More information to come!  Be sure to subscribe to my blog so you do not miss out!

Monday, January 7, 2013

Change of Plans

Tonight I met up with a friend for an early dinner and I was looking forward to getting home and having a relaxing evening of reading and relaxing.   Then I arrive home, check my email, return phone calls and get to a point where I can sit down to read, yet instead I feel inspired.  It is funny how inspiration will strike me at the oddest times.  Rather than fight it, I decided to role with it.  I had what seems like an remarkable idea of adding a “Places and People” tab to my web page.   I am still going back and forth the order as well as the name for the tab and what all I want to include under it.   My hopes are that my readers will be interested in reading about the places and people from my stories.  In addition, it gives me a place to compile (and reference) them.

Once again, I am finding myself watching Pitch Perfect.  With all the programs being in repeats for so long, I have gotten out of even checking anymore.  I have been more into watching something on DVD.  My brother had bought me the complete series of Millennium for Christmas at the beginning of December.  I have been watching them off and on over the last couple of weeks and I finally finished it over the weekend. Millennium was a show I used to love to record on Friday nights and watch sometime over the weekend back when I was in college.  Now that I have finished watching the series, I feel as if I can watch anything I want.  I have been watching the first movie I see and think sounds cool.  Last night chose Can’t Buy Me Love.  Tonight I am committing to turning off the television after Pitch Perfect and doing some reading.  
All right, enough procrastinating.  I am still working on getting better and I want to make the most of my time while I am having an energy spurt.  As I am concluding my thoughts, I am thinking perhaps I should just read and relax, leaving my idea for another day.

Saturday, January 5, 2013


The last couple of days have not been the least bit productive for me. As I have been recouping and getting over this sickness, which did as the doctor said it would by getting worse before it gets better, I have pretty much been watching television and doing little else. This morning I was finally able to do some reading without feeling totally dizzy.

People have been picking up Summer Escape more readily than I thought they would. It is so exciting to see my story up in the Top 10 on Amazon. Now I am eager to see if people come back to leave reviews as well as buy my books. 

Also, I have made some changes to my Facebook, Twitter and website pictures and layouts.  My Facebook banner picture no longer looks what I thought to be ammiture.  My Twitter has my color theme and looks way better.  For my website I changed the Summer Escape page, adding in the original cover designs.  Along with changing the background and making my color theme more pleasing on the eyes.  I am quite happy with all the changes and think each page looks great!

Tormented Discovery is so close to being complete. I am anxious about the release of this book and think my readers will not be disappointed. Once the book description is written and finalized, the book will be published and available. My friends are so kindly helping me review and make sure the book is ready to go by the planned January 21, 2013 release date. I hope that it will be ready earlier.

Sneak Peak Inside Tormented Discovery

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy New Year

Although I am feeling tired and ready for bed, even after a nap this afternoon, I had an overwhelming urge to blog.  In my tired state, I hope that I do not babble on or sound dumb.

I am watching Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds on television.  This is one of my all-time favorite old movies.  It looks like I am going to spend my evening watching television instead of reading.  That is if I do not fall asleep.

My dinners so far this year have been wonderful.  Last night I ate at Anthony’s Wood Pit Grill in Everett and had a great three course dinner of Caesar salad, half a chicken with potatoes and squash and chocolate mousse for dessert.  Tonight I met up with friends for an early dinner of Chinese, which was filled with a variety of wonderful dishes.   

After getting a call from a friend earlier today, I was delighted to learn that Summer Escape was #6 for the Top 100 Free in the Gay and Lesbian Fiction category.   It is thrilling to see people interested in picking up my short story.  Another piece of good news came the other night when I found out that I am now one of the authors featured on TrueColorz, a YA LGBTQ Literature website.  I was delighted that they were kind enough to have me a part of their site.

This makes me even more eager for the release of Tormented Discovery.  I hope my readers enjoy it as much, if not more, than those who have read it already.  I previewed the paperback version today and I am getting all eager for its release.