My other creative side...

Pencil Drawing: Eric from "True Blood"

Pencil Drawing Scanned and Colored on the Computer: Justin and Derrick - much younger than they are in my books

Colored Pencil: Parrot

Water Color:: Flowers

Watercolor Pencil: Rachel McAdams

Photo of. Pencil Drawing

D.A. (Pencil)

"Looking Down" (Pencil)

"Staring Eyes" (Oil Pastel) - I drew this on a card I sent to a friend of mine.

"Flowers" (Oil Pastel) - Another card I drew and sent off to a friend.

"Looking Onward" (Pencil)

"Head to Head" (Pencil)

"Broken Heart" (Colored Pencil)

 "Oh Sh--! Roller Coaster"  (Pencil Cartoon Drawing) - I was sitting in a meeting, bored when I drew this.

"Fair Grounds" (Oil Pastel)

"Lip Biter" (Pencil)

Zac Efron Gazing (Pencil)

Freddy Krueger (Ballpoint Pen)

"Rachel Gaze" (Pencil)

QAF - Justin & Brian (Pencil)

"Long Night" (Pencil)

 Diet Coke (Crayon)

Alex Pettyfer (Oil Pastel)

Iced Mocha (Colored Pencil) - Sitting at the dealer, waiting for my car.

"Easy A" (Oil Pastel) - I drew this the same night I wrote the first part of what would later become my premier novel.


  1. I like the one where they are touching foreheads best. It's super good!

    1. Thanks David, for the feedback! Keep checking back, being I wlll be adding more.

  2. Replies
    1. I'm so glad that you love them! I need to get back to drawing again and add some more drawings here.

  3. You know in looking onward, my fav, the guy looks like he's sport in a boner right? Lol!

    1. I never noticed that! LOL It was not intentional. Good catch!


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