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Monday, April 29, 2013

An Unexpected Turn

Like so much that happens in life, this weekend my life took another unexpected turn of sorts.  Really to anyone who knows me, I suppose what I did will come as no surprise.  That said, I am finding myself surprised at my own actions, as well as nervous and excited. 

A few years ago, my beloved cat, Jaiden, passed away on my birthday.  I was crushed and  still miss her very much.  She adopted me a year after my 20 year old cat had passed away, a cat that I’d had most of my life.   After 7 years, Jaiden up and died and I decided that I was done with having any animals for a while.  My mom has the sweetest dog, which I thought I would spend time with anytime that I felt the need for a pet. 

Then a little over a year ago, I mentioned that if I got any pet, I wanted a dog in which I would name Cooper.  Various times throughout the year, I have seen some puppies and dogs, yet none of them looked like a Cooper to me.  I thought I would never find a dog that fit the name, which was all right by me.  I was not ready for a dog.  After all, I have so much going on in my life, not to mention a writing career going now.
Such is life, a thought that has been going through my head since I made the decision to bring home this little part pit bill, part pug puppy, whom was fitting of the name Cooper.  More of my time than I like has been taken up by this sweet little girl, but I think in the long run we are going to be good for each other.  Due to the mix of breeds, it will be interesting to see how big she gets.  I was thinking on the way in if I would have remembered how much work a puppy is (as well as the cost), would I have still gotten her.  I know I would have. 

Will my writing have to be put on hold?  Perhaps a little, but only time will tell.  The release of my new novella and full length novel are on track for the proposed release dates.  I have not written or drawn over the last couple of days, but I also worked over the weekend, so I would have not done much of either if I would have. 

I am looking forward to this next chapter in my life.  If she ever holds still when she is not cuddled up to me, I am already planning to draw her.  Also, owning a  puppy is way different from that of owning a kitten.   I have shared the responsibility of a dog, but this time it is all on me.  

Sunday, April 21, 2013

3 Books, 2 Stories, and 1 Year

Over the last couple of days, I have been doing a lot of thinking.  I decided to take a step back from social media in order to take a break and get my head together.  So many people in my life have been telling me to step back and take a break for months now.  My response has been, "I will.  I just want to get this done first."  My friends and family have been wonderful, each doing what they can to help out or make life easier on me so I have been able to accomplish so much.

The other day, it was pointed out to me (again) that over the past year I have accomplished (and will accomplish) quite a lot.  When I finished Finding Our Way I wanted to have a short story to attract readers into getting, reading and in turn want to get my book.  Although Summer Escape was written and (perhaps regrettably) published in such a rigid form, it did what I wanted, being as people bought it and in turn then bought my book.   As my first book was being edited and published  I was working on the second, Tormented Discovery and I could not wait to share it.  While Tormented Discovery was going through editing, revising and publication prep I started on the book I'd wanted to write from the time I was typing the last pages of Finding Our Way

In between all my writing, I was drawing from time to time.  Out of those drawings one would be suggested by my friends as the image for the next cover art.  In the case of Tormented Discovery I ended up drawing two other images that I wanted to initially use for the cover, but they simply did not work out.  One lazy Sunday afternoon, I was trying to draw two hands holding onto each other and was getting frustrated with how they were turning out.  I ended up drawing arms and shirts and bodies as I imagined Derrick and Justin.  Each time I shared this drawing it was suggested I use it on the cover of my next book, Drifting.

Over the next couple of months I will be releasing a novella and one more novel.  Both I have been given positive, glowing reviews on.  Thus I am very excited for them to publish.  With this being my third book to publish, I have had to learned to be patient (although some days I forget this).  Although I am supposed to officially still be on a break through next weekend, I am working on revisions for the novella as well as the cover.  (Plus two interviews, but I'm only working on them little by little.)

I also wanted to share the cover for my new book.  Drifting is going to be such a great book!  It has been nice to see posts and messages from people anticipating what is going to happen in this book.  I promise whether you've read the previous books or it is the only book of mine someone reads, I feel confident in stating "readers will not be disappointed."

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Cody Kennedy: Safe’s One-Year Anniversary Celebration

Safe by C. Kennedy

They met at ten, they kissed at twelve, and were madly in love at eighteen. Caleb is the captain of the swim team and the hottest senior in school. Nico is small and beautiful and has an Italian father who rules with an iron fist. Literally. Nico is never safe from his vicious father. One morning Caleb forgets himself and pecks Nico’s lips at school. A teacher sees them and tattles to the Headmaster. Accidentally outing themselves is the least of their problems. The ball set in motion by the school’s calls to their parents may get Nico killed.

I had a chance to ask Cody Kennedy some questions about his books, writing and himself.  Below are my questions and his answers.  Be sure to check out Cody’s blog, if you are interested in learning more about him.

Books & Writing

Is there a message in your novel that you want readers to grasp?
It is my deepest wish that my stories give readers hope.  Abuse does not define you and finding love is entirely possible. There is someone out there looking for exactly what you have to offer right at this moment. Believe. Never stop believing.

Which comes first, the character's story or the idea for the novel?
The character’s story always comes first. That said, and contrary to popular belief, plot and character are not two separate elements. Plot grows out of character. One sometimes starts with a good plot, but unless it’s fleshed out with three-dimensional characters, it’s a wasted plot.

Can you share a little of your current work with us?
I am currently finishing Slaying Isidore’s Dragons. It is an action-packed romance for young adults. The story is about two young men who lose parents in the same London car bombing. They meet at the beginning of their senior year at a private academy in the U.S. and fall in love. Together, they face grief, tragedy, cruelty, and extraordinary peril. When conspiracy moves from theory to reality, only their unwavering determination to be together can save them.

Getting Personal

What would you say is your interesting writing quirk?
I talk to myself while I write. “That sounds good, but that other part sounds lame. Go back and rewrite it.” “I forgot to eat. I need to eat something.” “Do you really think [character] is going to do that?” “That dialogue sounds all kinds of wrong.” “This story is hard to write. Why am I writing it?” You know, the usual.

What are your pet peeves? 
My poor grammar is my number one pet peeve. I am constantly trying to improve it. I am also big on using the backspace key when I should be highlighting a deleting. Total time suck.

What book are you reading now?
I am currently reading Lighting the Way Home by Shira Anthony and E.M. Linley, and Social Skills by Sara Alva, and Harmful to Minors by Judith Levine.

An actor or a book character you have a crush on?
Jacob in Josh Lanyon’s Heart Trouble. I don’t think I’ve ever met a kinder character.

Is there a particular movie that you preferred over the book version?
No. There very phenomenon of books is that you must imagine whereas film spoon-feeds you someone else’s vision of the story. Rarely does a film adaptation do a book justice. That said, I liked Robert Zemeckis’ adaptation of the novel Contact by Carl Sagan.

What is your favorite food?
If I’m fine dining, it’s Chateaubriand or prime rib. If I’m being irresponsible and have little time, it’s a good cheeseburger. Fat Burger and In-n-Out are my two favorites. Don’t mock me.

Where can readers find you?

You can stalk me and read excerpts of my upcoming novels, Omorphi and Slaying Isidore’s Dragons, on my blog.

You can also find me on Facebook.

You can also find me on Goodreads.

Buy Safe:

Thank you for joining me in Safe’s one-year anniversary celebration, Jayson! It was great being here!
Thank you Cody!


Thursday, April 11, 2013

A Rut, a Gut and Now What?

It seems as if just about everybody I know has been to see Jurassic Park in 3-D.  Unfortunately, I have not been to see it myself.  I’ve always been one to be down on the rerelease of movies into the movie theater, though ever so often one come around and I feel inclined to go a see it.  Though it has been over ten years since there has been a movie I felt like this with, not counting remakes of movies, which I consider to be something entirely different.

Jurassic Park is one of these movies.  When it comes to this movie, I’ve lost count of how many times I have watched it.   I can remember during a break when I was going to college watching it three times in a row while playing Zoo Tycoon on my computer.  This reminds me, I’ve not sat around and played a game like that in at least a decade!  Not to digress though and getting back onto the topic of Jurassic Park.  It has always been one of those things my brother and I share a liking for and as we get older I feel it important to maintain anything I can find in common with him.  Though there are plenty of things we share, I feel too often like we are two strangers.   Again, I need to keep from digressing.  Such has been my problem as of lately when I sit down to write.  I can remember reading the book prior to the movies release and I loved the book so much, I had to go to the first showing of the movie with some friends, than again with my family the next day.  Since then it seems like at least once a year my brother or I will be watching the movie or reading the book, prompting the other to do the same.  Fond memories, a favorite movie, cool dinosaurs.... There are so many reasons I want to go see Jurassic Park.

Over the last couple of weeks, it has been a struggle to get back into my workout routine.   I am not sure if this is because I am running solo or I am in a funk of sorts when it comes to working out.  Today I started reading a new book and the time seemed to go by quickly.  Each morning it has been a real push to get myself motivated to get up and hit the gym.  I am determined and hope to get back into the weight loss streak.   Especially with summer right around the corner, being as soon as next month the pool weather will be starting. 

Much to my delight Drifting I finished and into editing.  It is a book I’ve wanted to write since I finished writing Finding Our Way, thus I believe was my motivation to write the 105,000 words that would be Tormented Discovery to follow.  The feedback I have received on Drifting so far has been pretty much glowing reviews.  From the time I started jotting down notes and the feeling I still have is that my readers will not be disappointed by the book!  I am delighted to be going through edits and getting the book ready to publish.  As it wraps up I wonder if I will be sad not interacting with these characters I created a year ago and I have been pretty much writing about since.

My friends keep advising me to take a break.  The idea of doing this does not sound too appealing to me.  As I have found myself literally crashing the last couple of evenings, I think my body is making its stance that it is time I take a break.  That being said, as of this afternoon, right now to be exact, I have decided to put aside the book I’ve been working on and take a breather from writing.  Not too long though, a promise I am going to make to myself.  Long enough to take care of the piling up things I’ve wanted to do from stuff I need to get done to things I would like to make progress with.  Yes, this includes some drawing as well as some reading.   Or that is my plan for the next couple of weeks.