Change of Plans

Tonight I met up with a friend for an early dinner and I was looking forward to getting home and having a relaxing evening of reading and relaxing.   Then I arrive home, check my email, return phone calls and get to a point where I can sit down to read, yet instead I feel inspired.  It is funny how inspiration will strike me at the oddest times.  Rather than fight it, I decided to role with it.  I had what seems like an remarkable idea of adding a “Places and People” tab to my web page.   I am still going back and forth the order as well as the name for the tab and what all I want to include under it.   My hopes are that my readers will be interested in reading about the places and people from my stories.  In addition, it gives me a place to compile (and reference) them.

Once again, I am finding myself watching Pitch Perfect.  With all the programs being in repeats for so long, I have gotten out of even checking anymore.  I have been more into watching something on DVD.  My brother had bought me the complete series of Millennium for Christmas at the beginning of December.  I have been watching them off and on over the last couple of weeks and I finally finished it over the weekend. Millennium was a show I used to love to record on Friday nights and watch sometime over the weekend back when I was in college.  Now that I have finished watching the series, I feel as if I can watch anything I want.  I have been watching the first movie I see and think sounds cool.  Last night chose Can’t Buy Me Love.  Tonight I am committing to turning off the television after Pitch Perfect and doing some reading.  
All right, enough procrastinating.  I am still working on getting better and I want to make the most of my time while I am having an energy spurt.  As I am concluding my thoughts, I am thinking perhaps I should just read and relax, leaving my idea for another day.


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