Why I Shouldn't Work When I'm Tired

I just spent 2-hours using color pencils to color the cover art for Drifting.  I started on the left hand side (Derrick), the part I think looks the best and as my eyes and the rest of me felt more tired and my brain started shutting down, I started messing it up.  I tried to take a plaid pattern I love off of a pair of boxers, but even with the best intentions it still turned out like crap.  Since my mistake scrapped the drawing, I decided to work with other pattern ideas, thus the green and black on the arm.  Then I messed around with skin tones to see how they would scan in.  One of these days I am going to remember the correct color combinations so I do not have to go through hours of blending to get them correct.   I am wiped out and know that I am not going to do well even if I force the creativity tonight, but I have my colored pencils laid out across my desk, divided up in a way I can easily find the colors for my next attempt.  I will spew some profanities as I put them back in the box mixing them up.  That should make me feel better.

My sister is with me tonight.  Like most Monday’s she spends the evening with me.  Most nights she sleeps beside me or on nights I need to get things done, she messes with me.  I thought I would share a picture of her.  Often when people hear my sister is a bitch, they think I am being mean.   As you can see she literally is a bitch.  Really she is a sweet pit bull.  As you can see tonight she has made herself comfortable on my bed, which was made.  She likes to pull the comforter into a pile and lay down on it.  I’m sure she does it to piss me off, although I am sure it is comfortable.

I’m beat!  I stayed up until midnight last night.  I had to see the new Walking Dead, but then I saw Shameless was going to be on a half hour into the Talking Dead.  Usually this is when I go to bed, but instead I put my clothes for working out together, took care of a couple of other things.  By the time Shameless started my eyes were heavy.  Instead of going to bed I stuck it out until I dozed off.  So tonight I watched the episode, like I typically do.   The gay jokes on last nights episode had me rolling, although I am sure many people would find them offensive.

All right!  It’s time for me to get to bed!


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