Words, Like Feathers Fly in the Wind

This morning I woke up thinking about the story after dreaming about it... Words, like feathers fly in the wind. Careless words, tossed about, cannot again be swallowed up.  The point of the story is rumors and gossip can be permanent and damaging.  One of the books Madonna put out some years ago was a retelling of this folklore, which was also the first time I'd ever heard the story.  It has been one of my favorites ever since.

What's odd about this being on my mind is I have not been doing any gossiping, nor have I been privy to any gossip as of recently.  It would not be a big deal to me to have this story in mind, except it is messing with my own writing.  The same writing it seemed to take me forever to get back on track again.   Oh well, this thought will pass.  It will not be the last time that a dream messes with my creativity.  Not that I would change remembering my dreams and having them stick with my head.  Through the years, I've had dreams that have brought about some great ideas for me.

This weekend I am determined to continue writing or drawing, both of which I have done a little of this week.  It feels good to be back to letting my creativity flow!


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