2.2 Percent

Last year I was invited to take part in this contest, to submit a 300 word science fiction story with at least one gay or lesbian character in it.  I had fun putting this story together and taking part, even though I didn't win.  Below this cover of the book it is featured in is my story.  Enjoy!

2.2 Percent
By Jayson James

An estimated 1.8 percent of men identified themselves as gay, while .4 percent of them as bisexual.  I used to think this left a small amount of the guys I found attractive being my type.  Then the end came, overtaking the world population in a matter of days.   The amount of good-looking ones decreased, as did the amount of datable guys available.  Leaving me alive, enduring my own personal hell. 

For two years now, as others have I’ve been trying to survive.  I’ve also been in search for a companion.  With the breakdown of society, intense arguments and debates are now settled one of two ways, walk away or more often kill.   I’d come in contact with 132 guys, spending time with roughly twenty of them, in hopes my gut instinct about them was right.  Most of the time, there would be a woman and she’d fulfill their need, making it clear to me it was time to move on. 

The one guy I met who was my type, although we were sexually compatible, he was HIV positive.  With the outlook on life being bleak and as morbid as it may sound, this wasn’t much a problem for me.  Him being a total bitch was, along with his flamboyance I know was going to make him a target soon.

The group I was surviving with came upon another friendly group.  My gaze was careless upon his beauty.  As he proceeded directly towards me, I initially hoped to make it out alive.  I hadn’t expected him to put his arms around me, hugging me as if we were long lost friends.  He whispered into my ear and I nodded agreeing with everything he said.   My heart raced, knowing he was the right man for me.

5/16/15 – Written for and Submitted to Queer Science Fiction Blog Contest .


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