Book Reviews and Christmas Cards

Tonight I finished reading a great book, Catharsis , which I picked up Saturday from Amazon and started reading immediately. When I was searching for a book to buy, thinking I had not read anything by Stephen King in a while, I came across the book and liked the cover. Although I know that is not how one is supposed to judge a book, in fact it was the cover caught my attention. From the moment I started reading the book, was drawn into it. I wanted to pick up another book by this Indy author, but he has not published anything else.

Speaking of reading, last week I finished reading Something Like Winter by Jay Bell. It was nice getting to spend time with Ben Bentley and Tim Wyman again. Although I liked Tim from Something Like Summer, reading the story from his point of view made me adore him more. I found myself bawling my eyes out many times while reading and hoping the two of them would fall in love and live happily ever after. I enjoyed seeing how Jay told the story from a different perspective. It was amazing to see just how different the story unfolded and progressed seeing life through Tim. Now that I have finished it, I keep thinking about reading it again.

My Christmas cards are sitting on my desk beside my laptop, waiting to be done. As I waited to hear back from friends that I somehow misplaced their addresses, I thought I had my excuse not to get them done and sent out. Over the last couple of days, my friends have been getting ahold of me and providing me with their addresses. Therefore, I guess I am going to have to start working on them and get them sent out. Of course I could justify blowing them off for a couple of more days, being I have not received any myself.

Before I do anything, I need to get my clothes together for working out tomorrow.  My workout buddy will be proud that I have remembered my towel on my own. 


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