This afternoon, I arrived home to a huge box.  Inside were various gifts from a longtime friend of mine.  My favorite item was this box, filled with cards she made me for birthdays and other occasions to give to others.  Last year, I asked her for some cards and she gladly shared a bunch with me.  My friends have been delighted to receive them ever sense.  My concern was they have always been in this little bag and I have been worried about them getting smashed or damaged.  With the cards she gave me today, she put them in this awesome black box! 

There were other assorted items, such as fine tip permanent markers, I am looking forward to using, although I am not sure on what yet.  As well as she included some Crayola Neon Explosion Markers and some mini drawing pads that I plan on using this weekend.  Along with some cocoa, a mug and other assorted goodies.  It was quite fun to open up all the little packages!  Her gifts to me sparked my excitement for Christmas.  I feel so spoiled!

As cold as it felt when I was out earlier, I believe we will be getting snow soon.   This is my story and I’m sticking to it.  Otherwise I spent money on a new winter coat because not only did it look cool, but also it is down a size from my other coats.  Regardless, I am happy with my new winter coat.  Unlike my new jacket I bought last weekend, I plan on wearing it sometime soon.  The same goes for the jacket.


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