Give Me a Break

After going through edits and changes, reviewing the cover design, going through edits and changes two more times, reviewing the cover design again and looking through one last round of edits before handing it off I was ready for a break.   One of my closest friends graciously offered to read my latest book, note anything he thought I should look at and do my least favorite thing to do, write the book description.  Everything has gone smoothly and I had time to myself until after the first of the year.  During this time, I was going to relax, read, socialize and take a break from writing.  Three days in when my friend and editor called to see how I was enjoying my break, I told her that I’d been working on outlining and writing ideas for what would be the third (and final) book in the Finding Our Way series as we have come to think of it.  She was not the least bit surprised and supportive of my decision to keep on going, but advised me not to burn myself out.  Long story short, once I had most of the ideas out of my head for now, I was able to relax.

I’ve been able to take advantage of the time to do a little reading of my own.  I started out with a modern telling of Beauty and the Beast by Alex Flinn called Beastly.  It was different from the movie, which was both good and bad for a variety of reasons.  I enjoyed the book, reading it in a couple of days, but it was not a great book.  This lead me to looking for a book I thought I would enjoy.  I started checking to see what my friends on were reading and suggesting.  I added several books to my wish list, yet none of them was anything I felt like reading. 

Then I saw the cover to Strings Attached by Nick Nolan and clicked to see what the book was about. Glancing through the description "think the TV series The OC" caught my eye. The OC has always been a guilty pleasure of mine; I watch the complete series about once a year. I bought the book and started reading it based on those few words. Quickly I was drawn into reading about Jeremy Tyler and completely sucked into the storyline, reading the entire book over the next couple of days. There is so much I loved about Strings Attached, from the characters to the setting. I am glad that I was drawn to the beautiful artwork on the cover! Upon finishing the book, I was delighted to see that Nick Nolan wrote a sequel to the book, Double Bound. I picked it up and started reading it today. I am enjoying this book too. I have a feeling before I head back to writing, I will be reading everything by this author.


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