Round and Round and Round

I tried to set-up a Google Play account and i-Tunes account to offer my book.   Google would not accept my Google account and I was not about to get another email address now that I have recently gotten my email streamlined.  Apparently i-Tunes will not deal with you if you are not working from an Apple device, which I cannot stand anything they make. 

Then there was the most difficult of all, Barnes and Noble’s Nook.  At one point I had my short story offered for the Nook, but with my agreement with Amazon of exclusively offering my book for the first three months of publication, I took it down.  I searched in vain on their website.  Then when I went on Google, it took me back to Circleville.  After about 25-minutes of going around in circles, I have decided it is not my night to attempt to offer my books in other formats.

Now I wish I would have just sat down and went through edits and changes  for Tormented Discovery. 

***Update 12/8/12:  By the end of the weekend, my book and story will be available for the Nook.


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