Happy New Year

Although I am feeling tired and ready for bed, even after a nap this afternoon, I had an overwhelming urge to blog.  In my tired state, I hope that I do not babble on or sound dumb.

I am watching Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds on television.  This is one of my all-time favorite old movies.  It looks like I am going to spend my evening watching television instead of reading.  That is if I do not fall asleep.

My dinners so far this year have been wonderful.  Last night I ate at Anthony’s Wood Pit Grill in Everett and had a great three course dinner of Caesar salad, half a chicken with potatoes and squash and chocolate mousse for dessert.  Tonight I met up with friends for an early dinner of Chinese, which was filled with a variety of wonderful dishes.   

After getting a call from a friend earlier today, I was delighted to learn that Summer Escape was #6 for the Top 100 Free in the Gay and Lesbian Fiction category.   It is thrilling to see people interested in picking up my short story.  Another piece of good news came the other night when I found out that I am now one of the authors featured on TrueColorz, a YA LGBTQ Literature website.  I was delighted that they were kind enough to have me a part of their site.

This makes me even more eager for the release of Tormented Discovery.  I hope my readers enjoy it as much, if not more, than those who have read it already.  I previewed the paperback version today and I am getting all eager for its release.


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