My Blah-og

Ever since I made the decision on to publish, it was quite evident to me that social media would play an important part in my success.  Any author I read and liked had a website, Facebook and Twitter.  Facebook was the easiest for me to set-up, being it made the most sense to me.  It seemed like I could not have a Facebook without a Twitter.  While I still do not get hash tags and other things about Twitter, tweets (my friends after laughing at me for weeks of calling them twits corrected me) were pretty straight forward.  Then there was a website.   This notion was overwhelming to me on so many levels.  A friend of mine suggested places where I could get a domain, a server and other things which to me simply added to money out of my pocket.  After researching and talking to friends, I’d come away with doing something I felt comfortable with.  Eventually I decided to go with a blog, being I had used one to share my writing and drawings with my friends across the country and around the world and it seemed simply enough.

Although no one has told me so, I feel like my blog is blah.   Sure I have created other pages on my site in attempt to give my readers things I would like to see when I go check out an author’s website, but as far as my blog goes, I have gotten into a promotional rut.  Don’t get me wrong, I want my books to sale, just as every author does.  A piece of advice I’d read (and I wish I could remember the source) an author gave was not to turn your social media into a frequent sales pitch.  This being is there is a good chance the people visiting your blog have already bought you book as well as it is not interesting to have an interest in a blog, subscribe to it and later discover it is one sales pitch after another.  Sure, I want to let as many people know when  I have a new book out and believe me, I will be let as many people as I can know.  It is the in between time where I would like to give more content and what I think my readers would want.

One important lesson I’ve learned in life is not to say “I’ll never…”   The reason being is I somehow inevitably end up doing it.  Here is a short list of things throughout my life I said I’ll never:  use profanities in published piece of work, kiss a boy… Okay that’s enough examples, I think you get the picture.  As I was commenting to a friend of mine the other day about how I’ll never be able to run a blog, all I could do was listen and smile.  My friend was offering up advice about just being myself and let my thoughts fly, to which I had a couple clever and some devilish ideas.  Another piece of advice was to share and be myself and people will either like what they read or not.  There was some other sound advice, but of course my mind was already thinking about what I wanted to do.

So I suppose the poimt of this (long-winded) post is I suppose my way of saying, “Subscribe or at least keep coming back to check out because I am going to keep making changes that I hope are for the better.  I have some ideas for some interesting posts and I am going to get the drop down menu’s I have wanted from the first time I set up the site just to name a few. 


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