The last couple of days have not been the least bit productive for me. As I have been recouping and getting over this sickness, which did as the doctor said it would by getting worse before it gets better, I have pretty much been watching television and doing little else. This morning I was finally able to do some reading without feeling totally dizzy.

People have been picking up Summer Escape more readily than I thought they would. It is so exciting to see my story up in the Top 10 on Amazon. Now I am eager to see if people come back to leave reviews as well as buy my books. 

Also, I have made some changes to my Facebook, Twitter and website pictures and layouts.  My Facebook banner picture no longer looks what I thought to be ammiture.  My Twitter has my color theme and looks way better.  For my website I changed the Summer Escape page, adding in the original cover designs.  Along with changing the background and making my color theme more pleasing on the eyes.  I am quite happy with all the changes and think each page looks great!

Tormented Discovery is so close to being complete. I am anxious about the release of this book and think my readers will not be disappointed. Once the book description is written and finalized, the book will be published and available. My friends are so kindly helping me review and make sure the book is ready to go by the planned January 21, 2013 release date. I hope that it will be ready earlier.

Sneak Peak Inside Tormented Discovery


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