Reviews, Fan Mail, Stroking and Covers

Pardon me, if I take a moment to share some of my excitement. This has been an exciting week for me as an author!

The last week has been exciting as far as reviews go. I’ve been delighted to see more being left with people liking my books. I’ve gotten some wonderful reviews on Tormented Discovery as well as Finding Our Way. I was just chatting with a friend tonight and sharing how I still get just as excited as when the first review was left. Not only because this helps peek others interest in my books, but it also provides me with valuable feedback. Of course, if you ask Jen, she is constantly on me about not paying any attention to reviews and just work on my writing. For once, I was focused on my writing and it was others who told me they’d seen them. I’ve been so happy seeing a review or two being left each day.

Emails are always enjoyable. There is a private bluntness and I suppose boldness from people in them. They are typically quite nice or down right cruel. Fortunately, I do not get many mean ones. It is always great to hear about who some one’s favorite character was or how they relate to one of them, favorite park of the book or how awesome my books are in general (one of my all-time favorites). Whether good or bad, it is always great to hear what people think of my writing.

Thank you so much for the feedback! Whether it be a review or message, I truly am grateful to have my books being read and written about. As every author does, I dream of making it big and be able to just write without working another job. Going on book tours, signing autographs and meeting fans thrills me. Thanks to social media, I’ve been able to meet fans online. It is great getting to chat with and meet individuals. This week I’ve actually had people contacting me and telling me they cannot wait for my new book! This was the coolest, having fans eager for more! Such a boost to my ego!
The answer to the question about the new book, is I honestly do not know when it will be released. I can/will tell you that it is about halfway written as of this evening. As promised, it will be out sometime in 2013.
Lastly, the Kindle book covers are being retired. They we be getting replaced over the next couple of days. I had a panel go through and the paperback cover looks more professional and was favored. I will be posting them under their individual book pages soon.


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