Things That Have Me Smiling Tonight

With the help of instructions from Drop Down Menu Guide and Random Juvament, chilling out and taking things step-by-step I finally have drop down menus for my website. This is something I wanted so badly for so long. I almost did not have a site because I was not able to have this to begin with. Thanks to my buddy Dave's advice, I've been making gradual changes over time. As I have made time, I have been working through and literally learning trough trial and error how to edit HTML coding. Although it still confuses the hell out of me, I keep trying it out.

This change has opened up for me to make several of the other adjustments I have wanted to make since starting my website up. I am so excited right now! I thought for sure I was going to have to beg someone to mess around to accomplish this big step. Especially last night around midnight when I completely messed up my page code. After taking a deep breath (and swearing a whole bunch) I went through and double-checked each step of the way. Then when I was ready to give up and call Dave to beg him to fix my mess up, I finally figured it out. Okay, enough with the nerdy stuff.

Something else that keeps floating into my mind this week is a movie I watched last weekend called The Paperboy. The movie itself was quite interesting, but it was the opening scene, along with a couple of others that have been on my mind. I have never been a fan of tighty-whities, but seeing them on Zac Efron... Wow! Anyone who really knows me is well aware I've always had a thing for Zac. From the first time I'd seen him, in High School Musical, there has just been something about him. That being said, I have a feeling I am going to have to see The Lucky One, which in spite of knowing he gets down to a pair of black boxer briefs was not enough to interest me in seeing it. Maybe, as with The Paperboy, I will be pleasantly surprised.

Before the Red Bull Maria gave me this afternoon wears off, I wanted to write about this great short story my friend Suge shared with me this week. Although the story itself I suppose was a bit dismal and depressing, it was writing in such a style the kept me reading further to see what was going to happen next. Not only was it a great piece of writing, but it also snapped me out of the funk I think I was getting into with reading and writing. I found it opening up my mind to ideas I have not thought about in awhile as well as gave me some new ones. Suge was delighted when I shared with her if I write this weekend, it will be a short story, being I have been doing poorly at not just letting my ideas slide.


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