Writing, Reviews & Coming Out

Although I am feeling tired and exhausted, I have an overwhelming need to do a blog post tonight.   My desire to write again finally returned and I started to work again on my next book.   I had the outline done and I have been adding notes, but I decided it was best (okay several people suggested) that it was better not to force it and wait until the story was flowing.   Derrick and Justin have been popping into my head a lot this past week and it felt good to write about them again.
Lisa Markson Lisa Markson shared this on my author pagea short while back at my request seeing her post it in a group we are both part of.  I like how it is worded.

It wasn’t until I was a published author that I realized how not only how important it is the author to get reviews.  These help drive book sales.  I know often I check to see what others have written about a book or product (such as a banana slicer on Amazon a friend of mine kept posting about) to see what they thought of something.   Although I think I am a [f---ing] horrible reviewer, I have committed myself to go through and leave a review for every Indie author I have read.
Robbie Rogers came out today via his blog.  To be honest, I’d never heard of him prior to today.  A news story popped up on MSN about “soccer star comes out gay and retires.”   I clicked in the link to read the story and thought he was a handsome guy and he’d have no problem getting a boyfriend.  Then as I read further in the article there was a comment made about how the only other soccer player to come out, killed himself years later, which bugged me was included.  I ended up doing a web search and finding Robbie’s blog and as I read it touched my heart.   He was on the back of my mind today, because I admire the courage it took him to do what he did and I admire him for doing it.


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