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Hello everybody I am james crawford author of the Leech series. As some of you may know the second book in the series ‘Jack Leech Book 2’ was released recently. To help celebrate I have asked the dreamy cover model Peter Stoychev who is represented by CM Model Management to do an interview so we can get an idea of the man we have seen an so many great book covers and they have agreed.


-So Peter Stoychev Is it exciting for you to see your images used on the covers of books?

Peter: Yes, it is. I was also surprised to see my picture on the cover.

- Do you read the books that feature you on the covers?

Peter: This book is the only one with my image on the cover so far and I haven't read it.

- How old are you and where do you mostly live?

Peter: I'm 22 years old and I used to live in Bulgaria before I started travelling half a year ago.

- How did you get into modeling and how old were you when you did your first model shoot?

Peter: I was 17 when I first started. My sister advised me to do it.

- Did you always want to do modeling or was it something you unintentionally started doing?

Peter: I started modeling after my sister advised me to try and after that I wanted to do it.

- When not modeling what do you do?... work/study/recreation?

Peter: Before I started travelling I was working as a model and a dealer in a casino in Bulgaria.

-Describe what you would consider a perfect first date

Peter: The perfect date is when I'm just enjoying my time.

- If you were not modeling as a job preference, what would you rather be doing?

Peter: I would be working as a dealer in a casino.

- If you could choose top three people you could have a photo shoot with, who would they be?

Peter: - I would like to do photo shoots with good friends of mine, also models.

- It appears that you are very popular; would you consider moving overseas to further your modeling career?

Peter: Yes, my goal is to go to New York and be model there.

- Are you married/partner and if so how do they feel about you being on the cover of books?

Peter: I'm single. I have my family, which supports me in pursuing my goal.

- Do you want to do more than modeling like acting for example?

Peter: I'm only focused on modeling.

- What is the weirdest or funniest thing that you have had to wear on a shoot?

Peter: Mickey Mouse clothes.

 - Who is your hero?

Peter: Michael Phelps.

-I noticed that you share your Name with a famous Bulgarian swimmer, Is there any relation?

Peter: There's no relation. We just share the same name.

Some fun quick question and answer:

How many siblings and what number are you:
Peter: I have a sister. She's four years older than me.

Star Sign?
Peter: Gemini.

Favorite color:
Peter: Yellow.

Favorite food:
Peter: Chocolate with whole hazelnuts.

Favorite book:
Peter:  "How to stopworrying and start living" by Dale Carnegie.
Favorite musician/band:

Peter: Black Sabbath.

 Favorite movie:
Peter: Men of honor.

Favorite TV show:
Peter: Prison break.

Favorite place in the world:
Peter: Bulgaria.
If you could travel anywhere in the world where would it be:
Peter:  Hawaii.

Do you have a pet?

Peter: No.

Do you speak more than one language?
Peter:  Bulgarian and English.

A big thank you to both Peter Stoychek and CM Model Management for agreeing to do this interview. Check them out at the links bellow. I am sure they would love to hear from you.


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