My Top 10 Favorite Musicals of All-Time

The question was posed to me a couple of weeks ago, asking what my favorite musicals of all time were.  After compiling a list, thinking it over, adding, removing and revising, I have finally come up with my list.

My criteria was based upon a few factors of how…
…often I watch the movie
…many songs I like from the movie
…much the movie holds my attention

Here is my list

10 - Hairspray
My favorite song with movie comes at the end.  I like the underdog coming through on top.  There is a mixture of songs I enjoy in this movie and others I dislike.

9 - Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory
When I was a kid, I could remember when this movie was on, I would sit and watch if from beginning to the end, minus those two annoying songs towards the beginning.

8 - The Sound of Music
There is something about this movie I have always liked, although I’m not able to put my finger on it.

7 - Rent
I’ve seen the live show four times in my life, each time sitting in a different spot and loving it.  The movie though I think is great, lacks something I love with the live performance.

6 - High School Musical 3
This was a wonderful way of saying so long to a series of movies with a visually appealing cast, memorable songs and a storyline that didn’t make me want to hurl because of Disney sweetness.

5 - Camp
Vlad still makes me drool each and every time I watch this movie.  The songs and the storyline are interesting and

4 - Jesus Christ Superstar
I’ve seen four different versions of this, two movies and two live performances, each one I absolutely loved.

3 - Grease
Every time I get goose bumps at the cartoon beginning of this movie starts. 

2 - The Adventures of Priscilla: Queen of the Desert
From the first time I saw this movie, after seeing Too Wong Foo, Thanks For Everything, Julie Newmar, I loved it!  Adam, Tick and Bernadette are all characters that though nothing like me, I find myself relating to and enjoying watching.

1 - Pitch Perfect
This one I will go back and watch several of the song sequences over and over and over before continuing with the rest of the movie.

Honorable Mentions

South Park: Bigger Longer & Uncut
This one has gone on my list and come off more than any other movie.  This movie is offensive and filled with toilet humor, each song I sing along with and they stick in my head for quite some time.

High School Musical 1
I am a fan of all three of these movies, but I was not going to have three movies on my list all be from the same series.  Only my favorite of them all made it.

Mamma Mia!
I love the setting for this movie and have often thought about how great it would be to visit.

High School Musical 2
If it was summer time, this would have booted the third installment – just to give you an idea of how my tastes can change with the seasons.

The Blues Brothers
The music in this is so not of my tastes, but it is a great movie.

Share With Me Your Favorites

As with my previous top 10, I would like to extend an invitation to you, please share with me your favorites.  If you do not have a top 10, share as many as you’d like.  Feeling shy?   Then email them to me.   Just as long as you share with me!  Don’t feel like you have to write up a whole big thing, because I know firsthand how daunting of a task this is.  Just titles will suffice.  I was impressed with all of the responses I received, many were ones I’d forgotten about and/or have decided to revisit.  


  1. I usually don't like musicals myself but I do like a couple in your list that I've seen. Grease and The Blues Brothers. The only other one I can think of that was o.k. was Crybaby.

  2. "Grease" and "The Blues Brothers" are both great ones too! I'd add "Pitch Perfect" now too!


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