3 Books, 2 Stories, and 1 Year

Over the last couple of days, I have been doing a lot of thinking.  I decided to take a step back from social media in order to take a break and get my head together.  So many people in my life have been telling me to step back and take a break for months now.  My response has been, "I will.  I just want to get this done first."  My friends and family have been wonderful, each doing what they can to help out or make life easier on me so I have been able to accomplish so much.

The other day, it was pointed out to me (again) that over the past year I have accomplished (and will accomplish) quite a lot.  When I finished Finding Our Way I wanted to have a short story to attract readers into getting, reading and in turn want to get my book.  Although Summer Escape was written and (perhaps regrettably) published in such a rigid form, it did what I wanted, being as people bought it and in turn then bought my book.   As my first book was being edited and published  I was working on the second, Tormented Discovery and I could not wait to share it.  While Tormented Discovery was going through editing, revising and publication prep I started on the book I'd wanted to write from the time I was typing the last pages of Finding Our Way

In between all my writing, I was drawing from time to time.  Out of those drawings one would be suggested by my friends as the image for the next cover art.  In the case of Tormented Discovery I ended up drawing two other images that I wanted to initially use for the cover, but they simply did not work out.  One lazy Sunday afternoon, I was trying to draw two hands holding onto each other and was getting frustrated with how they were turning out.  I ended up drawing arms and shirts and bodies as I imagined Derrick and Justin.  Each time I shared this drawing it was suggested I use it on the cover of my next book, Drifting.

Over the next couple of months I will be releasing a novella and one more novel.  Both I have been given positive, glowing reviews on.  Thus I am very excited for them to publish.  With this being my third book to publish, I have had to learned to be patient (although some days I forget this).  Although I am supposed to officially still be on a break through next weekend, I am working on revisions for the novella as well as the cover.  (Plus two interviews, but I'm only working on them little by little.)

I also wanted to share the cover for my new book.  Drifting is going to be such a great book!  It has been nice to see posts and messages from people anticipating what is going to happen in this book.  I promise whether you've read the previous books or it is the only book of mine someone reads, I feel confident in stating "readers will not be disappointed."


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