An Unexpected Turn

Like so much that happens in life, this weekend my life took another unexpected turn of sorts.  Really to anyone who knows me, I suppose what I did will come as no surprise.  That said, I am finding myself surprised at my own actions, as well as nervous and excited. 

A few years ago, my beloved cat, Jaiden, passed away on my birthday.  I was crushed and  still miss her very much.  She adopted me a year after my 20 year old cat had passed away, a cat that I’d had most of my life.   After 7 years, Jaiden up and died and I decided that I was done with having any animals for a while.  My mom has the sweetest dog, which I thought I would spend time with anytime that I felt the need for a pet. 

Then a little over a year ago, I mentioned that if I got any pet, I wanted a dog in which I would name Cooper.  Various times throughout the year, I have seen some puppies and dogs, yet none of them looked like a Cooper to me.  I thought I would never find a dog that fit the name, which was all right by me.  I was not ready for a dog.  After all, I have so much going on in my life, not to mention a writing career going now.
Such is life, a thought that has been going through my head since I made the decision to bring home this little part pit bill, part pug puppy, whom was fitting of the name Cooper.  More of my time than I like has been taken up by this sweet little girl, but I think in the long run we are going to be good for each other.  Due to the mix of breeds, it will be interesting to see how big she gets.  I was thinking on the way in if I would have remembered how much work a puppy is (as well as the cost), would I have still gotten her.  I know I would have. 

Will my writing have to be put on hold?  Perhaps a little, but only time will tell.  The release of my new novella and full length novel are on track for the proposed release dates.  I have not written or drawn over the last couple of days, but I also worked over the weekend, so I would have not done much of either if I would have. 

I am looking forward to this next chapter in my life.  If she ever holds still when she is not cuddled up to me, I am already planning to draw her.  Also, owning a  puppy is way different from that of owning a kitten.   I have shared the responsibility of a dog, but this time it is all on me.  


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