Back to Work

Getting back into the saddle again is something in many ways I feel is something I need to do.  There was a happiness and feeling of contentment and accomplishment that comes with not only writing, but also publishing. 

An author friend of mine asked me if I would consider doing the cover art for a story they will be releasing in the upcoming months.  When I was asked, I was both excited and hesitant about the idea.  As I agreed to do it, I now hope that I am able to come through.  Unlike my writing, my drawing talents seem to come and go and I am not sure what brings it on or hinders it.  Today I attempted to draw a couple of times, not one of them is anything I thought was much good.  I am going to have to keep on trying out, different pictures as I feel inspired and see what becomes of it.

Although the puppy is still very much a puppy, we have been working on living together.  She is allowing me to take care of various things, without needing my full attention all of the time.  I have done a little writing as well as a little drawing, both things I thought I would not be able to attempt for at least another six months.  Now I just need to pull my head out of the clouds and get to it.  I am learning to compromise, this being I am stopping doing anything and giving her attention throughout the evening.  She is insisting on us walking each day, which is doing wonders for my own health.  Much to my delight I had to order a belt punch because the belts I bought a couple of months ago are now too big on me.

Taking another geek moment, I have to talk about my Samsung Galaxy Note II phone that arrived last week. For the first time ever, I own a phone that I absolutely love!  Much to my liking, I am able to write anywhere and anytime that I want.  I can even talk and have it typed up and most of the time it types what I said, though it does have its share of bugs.  I am glad when I have an idea and be able to take it down, whether I am saying it, writing it, or typing it.  Plus with the screen being bigger and an Android phone, I can read my Kindle books, highlight and make notes that transfer automatically to my Kindle.  I am pleased to have such a great phone.

In the coming weeks, keep checking back for my guest bloggers.  I know I am looking forward to what they are going to share.


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