Taking Care of Business

My baby has decided to settle down to bed.  I think that she has the right idea.  First, I thought I would write a post.  I cannot remember the last time I wrote anything besides an email over the last couple of weeks.  Not to worry, I have been jotting down ideas and I will be getting back to writing later this week.

This past weekend I spent taking care of stuff I have been meaning to do for quite some time.  These are things I wanted to get done before I got back into my writing and wrapped up with a project as time allows.  Although they might seem like nothing much, I am quite excited about both of my major accomplishments.  The most exciting was I finally purchased my laptop hub.  The cost of doing this was perhaps the biggest barrier, yet after I researched it ended up costing me a third the cost.  It is great being able to have two screens when I'm at home, as well as access to my printer, scanner, keyboard, mouse and external hard drive.  I can back-up the computer easily and take it with me.

The other involved cleaning out my closet.  Sure this is something I seem to do every couple of months.  As with the last time I did it, I was taking out larger sized clothes.   It is nice to have to toss out clothes because they are too big on me.  I hope to be doing this at least two more times over this next year.

Life with the puppy has been fun.  Sure there are days where I feel tired and wish she would simply calm down.  It seems as if when I am at my wits end she gives me a break.  Overall she is a great, well-behaved little girl.  She is so smart too!  I am so proud of her.  She loves to go for walks, which is something that has been good for the both of us.  It is one of many activities I enjoy with her.  As I am glancing over at her smiling, sleepy face, I am thinking it would be a good idea to climb in bed and let her cuddle up to me.

Keep an eye out in the coming weeks...  I have lined up some special guest bloggers.  Each are some wonderful people, I am excited to share with you.  They consist of a couple authors I have enjoyed reading, a reviewer and a fan who have each graciously accepted my invitation to give my followers something interesting to read.


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