Where's the Sun?

Yesterday the sun was up briefly and I took advantage of a kind of fool for just a short while all the water was cold. The Sun was out and I was hoping to get a bit of a tan, but no such luck. Its been cloudy but hot.  Such a dreary summer. I did something I never do, took a nap today. Now I got my baby sit next to me, which is nice. She's all cuddled up to me so I thought I haven't tried up this new Blogger app on my cellphone.

This interesting to be here in bed with the dog next to me and talking out my thoughts. I feel like I can type a lot faster than talking my phone in order to relay the thoughts from my head. I have to admit that I'm very impressed with how my pics from work for getting my voice right and  thought out on to the screen with very little mistakes.

As I'm sitting here watching "Pitch Perfect" I cannot remember the last time I had a lazy Sunday. Usually seems like something's going on I'm on the go constantly. Is Cooper keeps jumping from one side to the other to me with her toys I'm thinking it's kinda nice being lazy today.

A pleasant surprise and my inbox this afternoon with the recent edits to my new novel,  Drifting. I'm feeling quite tempted to get up and start looking through making changes. As my baby cuddles up next to me I'm reconsidering that. It just feels so nice not be on the go for once. Of course I know me I'll be up soon as I make the supposed to my phone and started back to work on those changes or something else I need to work on.

This was my first post over and done on my phone. I think I'm gonna like being able to dictate out my thoughts. It does pretty good job, I've only had to go back to  do a few changes here in their. I'm hoping that I as I use the software more it it will understand my voice and then I will not have to keep going back through to make changes. I also need to work on my enunciation with speaking.   I feel like I'm babbling tas I have been talking and trying to do this post. I'm hoping that it doesn't read that way. Always my own worst critic.

Okay now my curiosity is getting the best of me what changes there are with the new book. So time to go and do a little bit of work. So much for a lazy Sunday!


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