Guest Blogger: David

Hey everyone, I am David from and today I am the honored guest post :D !


I suppose I should write a little something about myself. Well lets see....


I am 23 years old.

I am a Pisces so that means I am a dreamer.

I am gay.

I really enjoy the heat of summer.

Hate the cold of winter.

In my spare time I read and I love going to the movies.

I have a cat named Toast R. Strudel as in Toaster Strudels.


Please check out my blog sometime and don't hesitate to reach out to me. I'd love to get to know everyone. :)


 I figured I could do a quiz for you guys. It was a toss up between Do You Have Animal Magnetism or Are You a Flirt? I had a hard time choosing but I figured that probably everyone in the world knows if they are a flirt or not so that was out.



About the Quiz:

Animal Magnetism is one of the few attributes that cannot be learned: You either have it or you don't. It is feral, instinctive, and very basic. We are al animals, of course. However, some of us are more raw, earthier animals than others. Those who have animal magnetism have an innate sense of self-confidence fueled by an inner sense of untamed power, like that of a panther.


If you have an exceptional ability to captivate and influence people with your very presence, perhaps you have what no money can buy: animal magnetism.




So here are the rules:

  1. Read the statement.
  2. Write down how that statement applies to you. These are the options - Slightly like me, Moderately like me, or Very much like me. At the end of this I will tell you how to score yourself.


I will be writing my answers next to the statement so you know how I did.


Do You Have Animal Magnetism


  1. I am always dressed and  groomed to perfection-appearance is very important.

Very much like me


  1. I am a good storyteller; I use body language, wit, and emotion.

Very much like me


  1. Some people describe me as a rebel, dancing to the beat of a different drummer.

Moderately like me


  1. People come to me to talk.

Very much like me


  1. I have received the winning popular vote to an office or position at work or school.

Moderately like me

(One person at work hates me. Sad.)


  1. My presence overcomes the rough waters and smoothes the ruffled tail feathers of any group.

Very much like me


  1. It's normal for several members of the same/opposite sex to be vying for my attention at the same time.

Very much like me


  1. Everyone furtively checks me out when I enter a room.

Moderately like me

(According to my boyfriend)


  1. When I talk, others hang on my every word.

Moderately like me


  1. Coworkers and friends want to be on my side of an issue.

Very much like me


How to score yourself:

Give yourself 1 point for “slightly like me,.”

2 points for “moderately like me.”

3 points for “very much like me.”


10-15 points

We all have some magnetism, but perhaps your gifts lie in another direction. Maybe you are a more cognitive or intuitive person who leads with your head or your emotions-these are certainly traits that keep you headed in the right direction.


16-35 points

Without a doubt, you have some animal magnetism. You are self-confident, a natural leader, and a powerful presence. You are focused and cunning, and you have the tenacity to achieve your goals.


26-30 points

(this is the one I got. Go me!)

You have that enchanting glow of animal magnetism that people are powerless to resist. No doubt you're a very effective communicator, you present yourself well, and are successful in most endeavors. It's likely you have many admirers and are quite popular. Others may perceive an edge to your personality.


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