Catching Up

Although I am supposed to be working on my new WIP, I keep finding myself getting distracted with various things I see I still need to take care of and things I want to do.  Thus the reason for this post, it fits into the both things I need and things I want column.  Cooper is chewing a bone at my feet, but seems to keep periodically coming up on my desk to see if I am in fact writing.  Believe it or not, if she sees me with my face buried in MSWord she hops down.  If I am doing anything else, she gets up in my face.  It is nice to have a dog that is supportive of my writing (for now).

Today's major task/goal was to work on writing.  My free time (or what I have taken as it) was spent reading up on the book I started a couple of months ago and deciding to go on with it or abandon it.  I have come to the conclusion that I would like to finish TED.  Though I sure hope that I am able to come up with a title better than TED, a working title that is now grinding on my nerves.  Let me not regress to burdening my mind with something so trivial.  I have ideas in my head and I still feel this book is one worth finishing and publishing.

Above is one of the new banner art projects I have been messing around with here and there when I can find the time.   There is a technique called plastic wrap, which I somehow did with the cover art for Finding Our Way, yet I have not been able to figure out how in the hell I did it.  My best guess is that it was a feature with my old scanning software that was on PC.  The same PC I finally got so irritated at not working I had it blanked to get rid of it.  For reasons I cannot explain, the PC still sits under my desk, not hooked up to anything.

Here comes Cooper... She is so cute!  Time to give her some attention and get back to work!


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