Finding My Way

Although it might sound a bit cliché paraphrasing the title of my own book, it seems to sum up well what I feel I am doing.  I am not sure whether to classify it as a funk or a mood I have found myself in over the last month.  Whatever it is, I still am working on pulling myself out of it.  For some reason I have not been able to write.  There are ideas in my head, but they only seem to be bits and pieces.  Nothing I am willing to work with.  I decided that I was not going to worry about it, enjoy the rest of my summer and if I was not writing again in a couple of months, then I would worry.  Here I am a couple of months later and I am not worried.  More so knowing I need to get my priorities straight and get back to it.

This past Labor Day Weekend, I took a trip out to Ocean Shores.  Despite it being overcrowded, it was a great trip.  I was able to relax, reflect and spend some time enjoying myself.  I ended up playing four rounds of miniature golf, with my swing getting worse with each game.  Still it was a lot of fun.   I tried everything at Bennett’s that I wanted to, during multiple meals there and coming away still loving the chowder the best.  These things were the highlight of the trip.  As with last year (I went the weekend after the holiday), I have come back feeling inspired and an overwhelming urge to write.

Writing has been and still is on my mind every day.  I need to get back into it.  The book I started months back, TED, still without a real title, is what I think I need to throw myself back into writing it.  Currently it is the story in my head, unlike anything I have published or written before and something I still really want to get out there.  I need to commit myself to reading what I have written and make an honest effort to write again.  Beyond an attempt and get to writing.
In with avoiding distractions (and excuses) for not working on my new book, I am going to keep this short.  Before I close, I wanted to thank everyone who has been contacting me to see how I am and making sure I am all right.  I did not plan on being away from my blog for as long as I have been.  Keep checking back... I have some new artwork I will be putting up in the coming weeks, as well as other changes in the works to some of the pages.


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