Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve ended up taking a bit of a break from writing and drawing.  For quite some time I have wanted to get back into reading.  When I upgraded my Kindle Fire to a Kindle Fire HD 8.9” I made myself a promise I was going to do some more reading.  This has been a promise I have kept.  I have been reading through my pile of books, most of which I had been planning on reading for over a year with a few other’s here and there I have found interesting.
What I love best about my new Kindle is it does something I have wished for as long as I can remember.  There are times when I am reading a book and want to listen to it while driving in my car.  Now I can had the Kindle read it to me when I am unable to read myself.  It is an option that I am glad I have.  I used to get the audio book of something I was reading, but it would take me forever to find where I was at either listening or reading and it would be annoying.  Or I would start listening to a book and read a different one, and then I would mix up the storylines.
The new book is still in the editing process.  When I get it back, I plan to add in some stuff that I meant to include when I was writing, along with going through to see what changes have been made.  As far as the cover art, I have an idea in my head what I want it to be like, but I have been lacking the motivation to work on it.  Drawing is something that comes and goes with me.  Usually I get the cover rolling while the editing is being done.  This book, has been so different, being it is still without a title and perhaps will be done being edited by the time I start on the cover.
I hurt my foot this past weekend, so much to the puppy and my disappointment we have not been walking.  I am looking forward to not having to keep my foot elevated and be able to get out and walk with her.   She has been so good, sticking by me as I have been pretty much stuck in bed over the last couple of days.   She is such a smart, sweet little girl.  I have been glad that the black interior, mainly the leather seats have not been damaged being I have been taking her just about everywhere I go.
Then there is my new addiction, something I am not sure if I should be putting out there just yet.  My brother introduced me to Game of Thrones.  I watched the first season twice while being stuck in bed.  He brought me the second season last night, which I stayed up until I could not keep my eyes open watching.  I keep getting told I need to read the books, to which I plan on doing, but not anytime soon.  I need to taper off my reading and get back to being an author!
Speaking of which I have been outlining my new work in progress, a book I had an idea a couple years ago and never ended up writing.   For years, I have been adding ideas to the file with it, planning on writing the book someday.  When I told my editor about it, she practically begged me to write it next.  I told her that I would look through my notes and see.  It looks like I will finally be writing this book. 


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