The Writing Is Done, Now What?

I finished writing TED last week.  This is the first time I have completely written a novel without it getting a title before completion.  The title itself has been a thorn in my side since I started writing.  I decided to not let it detour me from writing and like my other books, a title would come to me.  When it did not happen by the time I reached the halfway point of the book, I ended up taking a break from writing.  Then I attempted to start back up on writing again, not having a title was bugging me so much that I was not able to write.  A few months later the story that was in my head and I had an overwhelming urge to write, kept on sticking in my head.

The novel has come out great!  I am quite happy with how the ideas went from my head onto the page.  I am looking forward to the publication of a book that is not part of a series.  Don’t get me wrong, I adore my series.  The characters are a part of me and ones that I look forward to writing with again.  Right now I want to publish a few books with other characters.  Currently all my writing ideas all have characters in Chandler.

Up until today, only a few people even know that I finished TED.  Typically I would be elated, yet I am feeling glad that I completed it and overwhelmed with the idea of drawing an image for the cover.  I have another idea for a book, something I started a few years back and I have meant to get back to writing and finish.  If my editor has her way, this will be my next book.  Over the next few days I am going to take a look at the story and see if it inspires (more than just thinking about it).

My walks with my puppy have been good in many ways.  It has given me time to get the puppy and myself much needed exercise.  We also get to spend time together – she is great company and quite a character.  I also get time to think and work out ideas in my head.  Of course I was supposed to be thinking about cover artwork the other night and found myself thinking about what I wanted to draw for a cover of a book I have not written yet.  Such is how my mind works I suppose.  The puppy likes the water, so she is more than willing to brave the constant downpour of rain Washington has been seeing over the last couple of days.  Our current plan is to keep on getting out walking regardless the weather.  I have to admit it is doing wonders for my creativity!


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