An Update And Some Exciting News

Although I would be delighted to have my new book out by Christmas, it is not going to happen.  All that are involved with the book, including myself have been too bogged down to keep up with all that it takes to ready a book for publication.  For over a month I have had an idea of what I want to do for the cover art, yet I have done very little work on it.  With the holiday fast approaching I decided that it would be better to take it easy and work on the new book as time allows.

Since I am being honest, I suppose I will share that I have not even been writing.  I'm not sure if I needed a break or if I'm not in the mood.  I figure since all the work I have been doing over the last year, that I was not going to stress over taking a break.  That being said, I have planned most of my weekend to working creatively.  Currently, I plan on doing some drawing (with hopes of getting my idea for cover art onto the paper).

I've been doing a whole bunch of reading from a wide range.  I have read a couple fellow Indy authors works, as well as some popular titles.  So far I have truly enjoyed everything I have read.  Now, I need to get on the stick and write some reviews. 

My brother introduced me to Game of Thrones.  Although I have enjoyed the books, I have to admit that I enjoy watching the series more.  However, I did buy the first four books and I am working on reading through them.  I finished the first book and I am about a third of the way through the second.  The good thing about reading the books is now I know the characters names as well as additional details left out of the series.  It is cool being able to talk with my brother and dad about them.  It feels like it has been awhile since I have had a common interest such as this with either of them.

Some good news!  Well of sorts.  I've had a couple of people ask me if I was ever going to put out a collection of Finding Our Way, Tormented Discovery and Drifting.  As of Monday I decided that I would in fact put out a collection of all three books.  They will be released as The Finding Our Way Series and will contain all three complete books sold together for a discount price of buying them separately.   This will go on sale for a limited time, beginning Black Friday and will continue until some time in January (depending on the interest).


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