Here I Grow Again

As I am going through the latest round of edits coming back to me, I keep thinking about how much I have grown as an author.  Although I should keep on going through and getting through what I need to get done so that I can pass it on, I had some thoughts on my mind and thought that I should do a blog post.  Plus I got this great advertising banner for my new book, coming in March and had to share it.  I've always been reluctant to share my cover art prior to my book's publishing, fearing someone might steal the artwork I created for their own book.  Silly, I know, being most authors I've met have integrity.   With this I am able to show off the cover art and not worry about the cover being stolen.

I think that T.E.D. is a great book.  Sure I might be biased as the author.  Anyone who knows me, knows that I am my worst critic.  T.E.D. is going to be exciting for so many reasons...  1)  I have a promotions person for the release of this book.  He was suggested by an author friend of mine. I was not sure what to expect, but I have been happy so far.  Not only has he come up with some great stuff, he has helped to dare I say motivate me not to procrastinate and get ready for the release.  2) This is the first book I have published not part of my well-known series.  3) I have grown as a writer and I think that it really shows in this book.  --Damn!  The phone rang and I had to pick it up!  The rest of where I was going with this has been lost.  T.E.D. is a great book!


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