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Justin Parker and Derrick Wilson are characters from Jayson James novels, Finding Our Way, Tormented Discovery and Drifting.  The following is told from Derrick’s point-of-view…

Getting engrossed once again with Nick and John, I completely forgot about the chance that Justin might walking and catch me with the two of him.   My boyfriend, Justin Parker had made me promise him several times that as he put it, “Doing anything with Nick and John without me around.”
“Sure,” I had promised at the time, the request seeming simple enough.
Justin got in my face and reiterated, “I won’t mess around with them when you are not around, so you cannot either.”
“I won’t!” I could remember getting irritated with him being so persistent about the point.  It also seemed weird to me that he was worried about me being unfaithful to him, with this other couple.  Nick and John were in a committed relationship and deeply in love, as Justin and I are.
I only needed a couple more minutes and I would be done.  If I was fast, I could finish with Nick, John, get them out of sight, and Justin would be none the wiser.   I’d been on the edge of the bed, but it was getting uncomfortable craning my neck, so I laid back and pulled them close.
The door was unlocked and opened before I could even move.  Justin busted into the room as if he was expecting to find what he found, “Derrick Wilson!  You are a fricken liar!”
“Fricken,” I repeated back, biting my lower lip.  He was obviously not as upset as I thought he’d be, being he was not swearing.
Justin walked over to me and ripped my Kindle out of my hands, “You promised that you would wait to read Surviving Elite High with me.  I knew I should have taken this with me today.”  He sat down beside me, “How much have you read?”
“Only a little bit.”
He sighed, “How much?”
“Three percent.”
“Three percent!”  Justin shouted back as he got up and walked across the room.  He turned around, “Was it good?”
I grinned. “Even better than the part we read last night.”
Justin groaned, “Derrick!”
“Let’s go back to where we left off and I’ll read you everything that I read.”
Justin held onto my Kindle, staring at me for a moment.  He was trying his hardest to appear angry with me, but I knew better.  Then he giggled.
I had a feeling I knew why.  Now I was upset myself, “You read ahead too?”  Justin bobbed his eyes at me and nodded his head, indicating that he had.  I bit my lip and though for a moment, before asking my initial burning question, “When did you have time to read it?”  Before he could answer, I blurted out my other burning question, “How far did you read?”
“Two percent.”  He smiled, “I woke up to go to the bathroom.  When I was coming back to bed, I couldn’t get back to sleep.”  He thought for second, “I did not want to wake you with, well you know.”
I nodded, knowing too well, what he was talking about.
Shoving me back onto the bed, Justin climbed on top of me and gave me a kiss.  As I reached to grab and pull his shirt off him, he shoved my hands back and flopped down beside me.   He started wiping his finger along the screen moving the pages back, “I’ll go back to where I left off.  Then you can start reading.  Okay?”
As Justin found our spot in the book, I grinned as I reflected on, who would have thought, us seeing this book one evening, mentioning it to me and my buying it would have captured our attention so closely.  I never thought I would be reading with Justin every chance we got.
“Derrick,” Justin called my name again.  Being wrapped up in my writing, I had not acknowledged his previous attempts.  He has got my attention by saying, “Are you ready to read more of Surviving Elite High?”

*             *             *

Surviving Elite High is a series by John H. Ames, which includes the books Surviving Elite High, Surviving Elite High: Senior Year and Surviving Elite High: Loving James.
John H. Amesbooks can be found in
http://www.ai-press.net/surviving-elite-high/. To find out more about John H. Ames, be sure to visit him at his http://jhabooks.webs.com/ and on https://www.facebook.com/JohnHenryAmes.

*             *             *

Derrick Wilson and Justin Parker are characters from Finding Our Way, Tormented Discovery and Drifting (together making the Finding Our Way Series Collection), all by Jayson James. 


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