Hijacking TM Smith’s Blog

Justin: "Did you change the password?"
Derrick: "Yes."
Justin: "Tams is going to be pist!"
Derrick: "We'll change it back when we're done!"
Tams: "Why in the hell is my password not working, god, I hate blogger!!"

Justin Parker and Derrick Wilson from Finding Our Way, Tormented Discovery and Drifting took over TM Smith's blog today.  The following is told from Justin’s point-of-view…

Being so engrossed in what I was reading, I did not hear Derrick enter the room.  Before I knew it, my boyfriend was peering over my shoulder, peaking at what I was reading, Opposites by TM Smith was at the top of the Kindle screen.  I reached out and put my around him, giving him a pat to acknowledge I knew he was there.   I had to finish reading the part that had me so enthralled before his entering the room. 

Derrick must have asked the question without my hearing him.  He shouted, “Justin!  What part are you at?”

Not taking my eyes off the book, I read aloud, “Because, my prince, we fucked the sheets off the bed!”

Moments later, perhaps because he was trying to recall the part, Derrick laughed.  “Wow!  You’ve gotten far in the book.” 

As he said more, I finished the chapter and closed the book, “You were right.  This did not take me long to get into.  That scene with Tanis going at it with the guard hooked me.”

“I told you it was a great book!”  Derrick smiled smugly. 

“That stuff at the beginning I found intimidating.”

“Nah!  It just sets the story.”

I agreed.  Although it was Derrick who suggested the book to me, I eager to talk with him about it.  “I love how the author goes into details about all the couples.   Whether gay, straight or in between she portrays them as people and it does not matter.”

“Did you read the dedication?”

“Yes!  About love being love and the fuck with anyone who does not see that.”  I was excited now.

“Hell,” He said and I looked at him perplexed.  He corrected me, “hell not fuck was what was written.”

“That’s right!”  I flopped over onto my back and patted the empty spot beside me.  I was worked up from my reading, which I knew would not surprise Derrick in the least.

Derrick grinned and lay down beside me, putting his head on my shoulder.  He put his hand on my stomach and teased his fingers, moving downward.   My mind was still wandering, thinking about Opposites, Derrick appearing to know what I want was a good distraction. 

Welcoming his advances, I slid my arm around Derrick and worked my hand up and down his side, causing him to let out a slight moan.

Turning to face me, Derrick smiled, “Did you know TM Smith wrote a novella set in the same world?”

“Hmm,” Not what I was hoping his next move was.

Derrick sat up suddenly.  “It’s called The Library and is much more explicit.”

I raised my eyebrows, he now had my attention.  “I will have to read it next.  Although it is a great novel, I have to admit that I like the sex scenes.”

“Then you will love The Library.  There is one scene in particular that I was thinking we could act out.”  Derrick bit his lip.

“Oh no!”

“Oh Yes!”

*             *             *

Opposites is by TM Smith and The Library is a follow-up story.  Purchase information is below:

*             *             *

Justin Parker and Derrick Wilson are characters from Finding Our Way, Tormented Discovery and Drifting (together making the Finding Our Way Series Collection), all by Jayson James.  


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