My Top 10 LGBT YA Books for 2013

Several times over last year, people have asked me who my favorite gay, LGBT or M/M (it gets confusing to keep up with the identifying labels out there) authors are, as well as books that I enjoy by other authors out there.  This topic of conversation I have only answered vaguely in individual conversations and with the briefest of answers.  This being for two reasons, one of which being it was a difficult decision and I did not want to hurt any authors feelings.  

Then when a fellow Indy author and friend asked me to take part in a blog hop, giving me her top 10 books, in overzealousness I said I would share my own by posting them at a later date.  It was not until I mentioned my predicament to a friend of mine that it occurred to me that I could put what they were for the last year.  That does not mean if an author does not see their name on my list they were not on a previous list or might be on this year’s list.  So here is my list in alphabetical order…


My Top 10 LGBT YA Books for 2013

Caleo by james crawford

Yes, I know there are 11, but I could not cut any one of these from my list.  Most of these books I have liked enough to read a second and third time.
What are some of your favorites?  I would love to hear from you!  Please comment on this post, send me an email or social media.


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