For the last week, it has been on my mind to update my blog.  Since the (soft) release of T.E.D. life has been crazy, busy.  People have really liked the new book, which has delighted me.  I was scared that a book outside my popular series was not going to be received well.  On the contrary, it has been my most successful release so far.  I hope the momentum keeps on building.   I’ve gotten a little taste of success.  In addition to my editor/business partner/manager and a consulting panel, I hired a promotional manager for this book release and I gratefully gained an assistant.  I have been so glad to have the support of my readers and friends.

The release party for T.E.D. went well.  I enjoyed the chance to hang out with readers and play around on Facebook.  The feedback I received on the event was all positive, surprisingly not a single complaint.  People were more interested in hanging out with me than prizes, which I thought was wonderful.  Those who joined in the fun and myself really liked all the guest hosts.  I plan on them getting first dibs on guest hosting at my next event.   As with Facebook, the things I did not think people would get into, they were totally into and vice versa.   The biggest hit was something I thought of on a whim and after being told I should give it a try, I did, which I nearly did not even mention it to this one person.  We will be doing this again.   Another thing I thought was interesting was how many people show up to these things and lurk about.  I was glad to hear from some of the people that they were at the event, but were just sitting back and watching.   As fun as the three-day event was we have agreed to a one day online event with the release of the next book.

About the image at the top of this post, in case you didn’t know, is  Starry Night by Vincent van Gogh.  This has always been one of my favorite pieces of artwork.  Although I have never liked painting, it is a style of artwork I hope to emulate someday with a few works of my own, one being a modified replica and the other being an inspired design.  This picture has been on my desktop amongst the shortcuts to my various projects  and serves as a reminder to me each time it catches my eye that I will be getting back to drawing.

This leads me to my closing.  It is time for me to get back to creating again.  I’ve had three books in my head (some days many, many more) that I want to get written.  Drawings galore that I would like to do.  As the weather is warming up, I’ve been working on walking Cooper more than promising to.  And the list is growing in my head all of the things I would like to get done.  I am still going to social media, but not as much for the next couple of months.


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