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My Best Summer Memory

I had taken a trip to Las Vegas with a few of my friends from college.  I was only been in Sin City for a few hours when I’d met some guy I could not remember his name, not that it mattered.  I wanted to get my balls lit up.  He sucked like a Hoover vacuum and it was nothing short of amazing.  His body was so firm and smooth, his smile sparkled and those eyes twinkled…

“What are you doing?”  Derrick asked, looking over Justin’s shoulder at the computer.

Justin giggled devilishly as he grabbed from beside him and handed Derrick a piece of paper, “Making some major improvements to this.”

Derrick read aloud, “It would have to be the summer when I was seven or eight when my family drove to California, to visit Disneyland.  This was the first time any of us I had ever gone.  The time went by fast and we had so much fun…”  Derrick paused scowling at Justin, “What is this?”

“That would be what Jayson James was writing for ‘My Best Summer Memory.’  He crashed.  Apparently he had a long day.”  Justin grinned, “I thought he could use the help.”

Derrick giggled, “You can’t write that!  He’ll be pissed.”  He smiled and bit his lip.

“That’s your best at talking me out of it?”  Justin shrugged not the least bit convinced.  “I reset his alarm.  He will get up late tomorrow, rush to get ready and hurry out the door.  By the time, he remembers it will be too late.  It will be hilarious!”

“It would be funny,” Derrick admitted.

“It will be hilarious.”  Justin stretched and rubbed his stomach, drawing Derrick’s eyes on him.  Justin grinned at Derrick, “You help me with it, then we can sign our names to it.  Then people will read it and be reminded of us and our books.”

Derrick grinned, “You sneaky shit!  You thought of almost everything.”  Derrick grabbed a Post-It Note with QTA Blog Hop Post written on it, crumpled it up and tossed it in the garbage can.  “It will be a couple of days before he remembers.  Shall we have some fun?”

Justin put an arm around Derrick, “Oh no!”

“Oh yes!”  Derrick put an around Justin and squeezed.

Note:  Derrick Wilson and Justin Parker are fictional characters from Finding Our Way, Tormented Discovery and Drifting, all by Jayson James.

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  1. Good Job Derrick & Justin........ Jayson must be very proud!

  2. Got me hooked , ready to read their book

  3. I love Derrick & Justin.

  4. I love Derrick & Justin. I love reading the posts on these blog hops....
    geetracy1170 (at) gmail (dot) com

    1. Thanks Tracy! I'm always glad to hear that! ;)

  5. HAHA!! Loved this post! =)

    Thanks for the fun read! <3

    BLeigh1130 at yahoo dot com

    1. Thanks Brandi! Derrick and Justin will be hijacking a few blogs over the summer! ;)

  6. That's fantastic, Jayson! :) I was...sucked in from the beginning. ;)


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