Let's Do This!

For the last few weeks, I keep thinking and saying that I am going to do a blog post.  Then I get busy, not sure what I am going to write or in some other way life interferes.  Instead of over or under thinking it, I thought I would sit down and just write tonight.  Translated, this is going to most likely be one of those posts where I write all over the place (AKA babble).  So you've been warned.

T.E.D. continues to do well in both sales and beyond.  T.E.D. has been nominated for the Rainbow Book Award and Reader's Favorite and the book of the month for YA LGBT Books Group read.  T.E.D. has also been well as has been voted on several other lists.  I've been told it is in six different libraries with another two schools considering adding it.  I am thankful to everyone who has y read T.E.D., left a review for T.E.D. and shared T.E.D. with others.  This book would not have the success without the support of some wonderful people.

With this I've finally taken a break from writing.  Not because I was blocked or bored.  Only to take time to regroup and hopefully go back and write a wonderful new book.  This break was something I needed, to spend time relaxing.  It has been nice to take a writing break.  The few people who've read the first few chapters of Pieces of Us have had high praise for it.  I am happy with how it is coming together.  As this break was planned, this book will release this summer as scheduled.

During this time off I finished reading the Game of Thrones series, which was both a major accomplishment for me and a great series itself.  Now I am part of "that crowd" waiting for the next book to release.  I've also read a few other books on my reading list, including one I wrote a guest review of.  This lead to me getting asked to be a reviewer on another review blog.  I offered to do a few guest spots.  Currently I am reading Stephen King's IT, a book I keep laughing at, this being it took me about 17-years to read being I thought it was too big of a book for me -- don't ask.

I've also been doing quite a bit of drawing.  This has been great because I have been broadening my artistic talents as well as trying my hand at other mediums.  Along with this, I've been using my left hand for more than shading.  It has fun and enriching.  While I've been expanding my drawing talents, I've been doing a few paid gigs.  Each have had their share of challenges, but have been fun to do.  One job lead to a few more, followed by a few more.

This about catches me up on what I'm doing.  Over the next few months, I have lined up some great guest bloggers while I am away or taking time away.  They will all be great guests.

I also wanted to share that I will be participating in the Hop Against Homophobia and Transphobia...

 Hop Against Homophobia and Transphobia


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