Interviewed Guest = Felicity Nichols

My featured guest today is, Felicity Nichols from Mad in Wonderland Reviews, who has taken time to sit down and answer a few questions for me today.

1) Being a reviewer how do you balance the authors that would like you to review their books?
I am currently trying to find a unique balance for that. I am giving my review family a master list to choose from unless it's due for a promotional event then it gets first priority.

2) Are there any genres that you really don’t like to read?
I am not a huge paranormal fan, it's hard to get into for me.

3) What genre of book would you write yourself?
I would write erotica, it's my favorite to read.

4) Let’s pretend you are a secret agent, who are you guarding and why?
I would be guarding my daughter, always. I would guard her because there are too many evils in the world and too many negative people.

5) If you could go anywhere and do anything what would you do and where are you going?
I would love to just get in the car and drive. Let the roads take me wherever they lead me to.

6) Bridging the gap from reviewing to being an author, do you think that the reviewing you have done will help you avoid things that you have not liked in books you have read?
I have decided not to pursue writing but I think as a review it helps prep me for writing and seeing the things that upset me in writing and avoiding them.

7) When you are at peace, what take you there?
Honestly? Late nights with my daughter when she's fast asleep curled in my chest. It's moments like those that help me remember who I am and what my purpose is. I love my daughter and will always put her first.

Is there anything else you would like to share today?
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Thank you Felicity for being my guest today!

Thank you Jayson for having me and featuring me today! It was a blast to chat with you!


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