Mary the Magnificent

Although I am ready to crash (hard) this evening, I needed to share that I am so grateful to Mary.  We became friends after she read my books and we conversed and long story short, clicked!  There are so the many things so does for me.  Although Mary is not my only friend that is willing to help me out and want to help me succeed, she has taken on the role of being my assistant.  She is always willing to pitch in and lend a hand for a variety of tasks.  Plus she deals with me -- as an author and an artist!

This week, Mary shared with me the promo spots she put together to advertise my books.  What she out together far exceeded what I was hoping to get.  Not only did she come up with some great images and a theme, she put together a full fledged ad campaign.  I am looking forward to seeing this posted and shared.

Thank you Mary for being my number one fan!


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