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7 Crazy Things Authors Do or Say

Writers are a crazy bunch, and I say that with all the love in the world. I am one, I have friends who are writers, I stalk enough authors, in a word, I am dedicated to the trade… Yet we are as crazy as they come and some of the things we say or do are just way too out there! So this is a humorous take on the many little things that we say or do that drive our fans and friends and families and pretty much everyone positively insane.  *Insane in the brain being shouted in the background for a little musical stimulation*


Yes, we need to share with the world every time we’re at our keyboards, typing away our stories. Why? Cause we’re sadistic little bastards who like to keep their readers on edge. They have to know about each and every phrase and sentence we add to the story they have been waiting for. We’re like the ultimate teases, keeping people right on the edge, tormenting them for days and weeks and months on end, but failing to provide the much needed release. And we wonder why readers growl at us when we post yet another teaser…

“I’m not writing”

Writer’s blocks are just as big of a topic as the times when we are coming up with new stories. We complain and when all else fails? We write tips about dealing with writer’s block.  We’ve obviously become very good at dealing with it.

Post our visual inspiration

Want photos of men and women to drool over? Follow a few writers. The amount of toe curling images they provide is unmatched. You’ll sob and swoon and fall in love every five minutes, I tell you.

Dance like a crazy person when we get good reviews

Nothing like a good review, pouring love and appreciation and everything cute and cuddly in the universe! The sun shines brighter, birds singing are no longer waking us up at ungodly hours, they just delight our ears, everything tastes better… You get the general idea!

At the opposite end are the bad reviews. “Any publicity is good publicity! Any publicity is good publicity! It’s good, all good, I’m breathing.  Nooooooooooooo! That review sucks, it’s mean, and unfair, and the reviewer does not get me… Oh, mother of pain so profound!” Again, you get the picture.

Drink too much coffee/tea or make huge amounts of chocolate disappear

It’s like our coffee or our tea or our sweets are what powers our ability to write. Can’t write? Get more coffee! Those edits killing you? Chocolate helps. We have evolved into these peculiar organisms that turn their favorite foods or drinks into story lines and characters and conflicts and cliffhangers.

Get their revenge by creating characters in your image and killing them off

Yup, that, or worse, making the character in your image the most hateful one in the whole damn novel! So not only do I hate you, but I get the whole world to hate you with me! Brilliant, isn’t it? While you read the story, you know it’s you, and you can’t help but cringe at the world of pain you’re being put through.

Worst off, you inspire a main character and writers show their love for you by putting you through even more pain! Does not matter, it’s all washed away in the end with a happy ending and the knowledge that you made it out alive. Unless we’re talking George R.R. Martin or someone of similar convictions and then… everybody dies!

Explain everything with research!

You never, ever want to go through the browsing history of an author. Ever! Everything from murder and mayhem and weird diseases to giant beasts, enough legal procedures to make your head spin, to very detailed encounters of the sexual nature, a whole lot of Tumblr and Pinterest, and impressive amounts of time spent on Facebook… all that huge mess and procrastination, all of it is actually research :D

Last but not least, writers do something that I’ve been doing for the past… oh, almost 700 words! Admit to their crazy, embrace it, love it, and go forth to victory with it!


About the author

Writer, traveler, and coffee addict, Alina Popescu has been in love with books all her life. She started writing when she was ten and even won awards in local competitions. She has always been drawn to sci-fi, fantasy, and the supernatural realm, and has recently released The Edge of Hope, the first novel in the Bad Blood Trilogy.

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1) Living in Bucharest, Romania, how much do you know about Romanian Tale of Der Grossman?


To be honest, I have no real clue about the Slenderman. Before seeing your interview questions, I didn’t even know it was supposedly a Romanian folk tale. I did not grow up with it, and I think it’s nothing but an urban legend born outside of Romania. Why I believe this? Well, Sorina is a pretty modern girl’s name. Some of our folks tales and fairy tales are a little twisted, granted, but this one has nothing familiar about it and I honestly couldn’t find any information on it from Romanian sources.


2) What makes you excited to get out of bed every day?

A very excited dog? Does that count? Unfortunately, I don’t have time to wake up fully or think about what’s exciting to me before he drags me outside to play with his friends. Leaving all jokes aside, I am usually excited about everything, because I happen to be a morning person and every beginning is wonderful to me. Yes, I am one of those weird people that love Mondays.


3) Do you have any rituals you do when you are writing, like listening to music?

Coffee and music are almost always part of my writing process. I can do without either or both, but I prefer to have them close by. I don’t need to be in a certain room, or type on one laptop, or write at a certain time of day. Music and coffee I am strict about though, but I don’t necessarily need to listen to my own music.


4) Speaking of music do you have a favorite song or band?

No, I don’t. I have favorite songs and bands and solo artists, but I can’t come up with a short enough list.


5) What writing projects do you have for the near future?

I am currently working on book two of Bad Blood and an MM romance project that seems to be getting most of my attention these days. It’s a fantasy/historical type of setting, without any real magic or mythical creatures. It does have the gorgeous, antihero warriors, the scheming and plotting rulers, and a pretty difficult road to a happy ending for the main characters.


6) When you are writing a book how much research do on the subject?

It depends on the subject. In some cases I spend a lot of time on research, in others, not so much. With my vampire trilogy, for example, the research was limited because vampires have always fascinated me and I knew a lot on myths, literature, ideas, real life cases… Also, most of the places I described in the book are destinations I’ve traveled to before.


7) Have you had any fans that have scared you by the way the act or things they have done?

I’ve just lunched my debut novel, so I am relatively new at this. Nothing scary so far, but I have been brought to tears quite a few times by artwork they did, the support they’ve shown or the reviews they’ve written.


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