All Covered

My intentions this summer was to have guest blogger’s in order to give my author friends a chance to lure my reader’s into reading their books and to give myself a break while having new content on my blog.  The guest blogger’s did a wonderful job of getting their stuff to me and I was glad to have the posts all set up for them.  I've dropped the ball when it comes to posting myself.  This time of year is typically quite crazy for me and this year has been especially so.  I feel as if I am going constantly.  Being there is so much I have to catch up on, I suppose I’d better get to it.

Finding Our Way, Tormented Discover, Drifting and the Finding Our Way Series Collection all finally have their new covers.  This has been a change I’ve wanted to make for too long.  As promised to my friends and readers, I kept my artwork on the cover.  I’m delighted with how they turned out.  If you have not seen them, please check them out!  They look sharp.  They can be found at most major retailers, as well as my website.  Almost daily when I’m in the car I’ve been thinking about the characters from the books, where the storyline left off and where I want the story to go.  As is the process for most of my works in progress, the next book in the series has been on my mind. 

Speaking of cover art, I’ve been quite creative of getting the ideas for my covers out of my head and created.  I’m happy to have all of my covers done!  Currently, I have two new books going through editing.  Pieces of Us is on track for the end of summer release as planned.  Now I need to get organized and start setting up a blog tour.  Promoting my books has never been one of my strong points.  Slowly, but surely I’ve been seeking out help to get the ball rolling on this.  Especially with the release of Pieces of Us being mere weeks away!

The other new book is titled How It Was Supposed To Be will most likely be out around early October.  When I started on this, I’d planned on writing down some ideas that were in my head.  Then I found myself writing the ideas out.  More ideas came and I wrote them out.  As the book progressed along and got to the halfway point, I thought about stopping work on it, but decided it was important for me to finish writing it.

The final cover was for my free story Awakenings that now has a cover of its own now.  The idea for it has been in my head since I finished the book, but I just recently got around to putting it together.  As I was lounging around the other night, I had intended on relaxing and not doing much of anything.  With having this completed.  Awakenings is now available through most major book retailers.   I’m hoping people will report the story being free elsewhere so that Amazon will make it free as well.  I’ve been trying to get a available for free ever since I published my first book.  That being said, I am not holding my breath.

After much prompting and pushing from my friends, I have finally put together a collection of drawings into a book to sale called This Author’s Drawings.  The cover is one of my early watercolors I’ve modified and brightened up the colors for the cover.  I do not think I’ve been as nervous about a book as I have been with this one. This is funny because I’ve never had anyone be mean about my drawings.  Even critics who’ve hated my writing have liked my drawings.  We’ll see how it goes.  As it stands right now, I’ve quietly published it.

My little 40-pound four-legged personal trainer has been assuring I’m getting out and getting exercise.  Most days we are out walking.  When it’s really hot, I try and get her to swim.  Typically she will swim and then insist on us going for a walk. That’s fine by me.  I need a  push to get out and exercise.  It gives us time together.

That’s about all I have the time right now to share. 


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