Cough, Cough, Cough

Let me start off by acknowledging and thanking the many people who've not only come to check out my blog and buy my books, but also share them with others.  Over the last few weeks I've been contact by a few individuals sharing different venues they've been spreading the word about my books.  This has been encouraging to me, being a few months ago I thought perhaps my days of being a best selling author might had past.

To be honest, over the past year I've toyed with the idea of my next book being my final book in this genre.  The idea of writing something in a total different genre, with perhaps a larger and more receptive audience has been something I've thought about since putting out my first book.  Yet each time I write something and publish it's been part of the same series and eventually still part of the same genre.

Have no fear, I have at least one book I will be completing and publishing over the next year as well as hopes of at least one more book in my popular series.  My friends have been "bugging" me about putting out a collection of short stories, which may or may not mark my move into writing in other genres. Time will only tell.  

I've been drawing a lot lately, using my new Spectrum Noir Markers and improving my cartooning skills. I love my markers and cannot believe how much I've spent on them already.  Definitely my favorite drawing medium ever!   I keep practicing with them, trying to better myself.  Along with this, I've been developing some new characters and cover ideas.  This includes, but is not limited to writing and creating pictures for a children's picture book.  I've written a  few stories and drew a few characters.  So far nothing I've felt encouraged to go any further with.

I have this terrible cough I cannot wait to be rid of.  Back to bed with me to rest up.  I cannot wait until I can get back to being productive! 

Please be sure to keep coming by and check out my web page.  Over the next couple of months, I will be updating content and making several changes.  


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