Love Simon and a Website Mess

Love, Simon
While watching the latest episode of Riverdale I'd recorded on my DVR, I saw the preview for Love, Simon and immediately was hooked.  I rewound and watched the preview a few more times.  There was so much about it that I connected with and related to with the movie.. I cannot wait for it to come out!

Website Mess
After years of hosting my images for my website and without warning, Photobucket decided to cut off image hosting unless I am willing to pay them a yearly premium.  Thanks Photobucket -- jerks!  Although I can understand they need to make money, it still irritates me.  After spending an hour trying to put my website images on Google Photos, Blogger and Drive I tried Dropbox, none of which worked.  With heading into a busy work week, my website is going to remain a mess with the tacky Photobucket images.  I have no idea how long my page has looked like this, however now that I am aware, I am quite bothered by it.  Since I could not find a free image hosting site that would work with my website, I have had to go back to a basic template.  This ironically did not take me long to get it to something I am happy with.  I'm going to gradually get my social media icons back up, as well as my pages.  For the last year, I've toyed with changing the color theme and this is on the right track.


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