I wrote for the  Love's Landscape Event for the M/M Romance group on Goodreads.   Pictures were submitted with a letter and a writing prompt.  After being urged by several of my readers and other authors, I decided to check the event out.  I selected a picture and a prompt from the ones available and set forth to write my short story in a one week's time.

The photo is of a muscular guy in his early 20’s with smooth, tan skin and dark brown hair that is combed back to spike up. He is standing behind a vacuum cleaner in a pair of blue boxer briefs with a grin on his face in what appears to be a bedroom and the picture seems to be candid.


Dear Author,

I’d always considered myself sort of asexual up until now. In high school no one interested me and I was too busy with schoolwork to date anyway. I figured I didn’t have a big sex drive or I just hadn’t met the right girl. However, the more time I spend with my roommate, Ben, the more I’m reconsidering everything.

The more he walks around half dressed, the more I keep noticing him. Even if I am attracted to him, which I’m not sure that I am, I don’t think he would be into me. He seems like the type of guy that girls flock to. He couldn’t be interested in me, could he?

Requests: Clearly I’m angling for a gay-for-you here, folks! It can be a double or single GFY, lots of sexual tension (please!), slow build romance, lots of heat. I would rather no BDSM but some light stuff wouldn’t bother me.

Heather K ;)

 new adult, contemporary

Tags: college, masturbation, first time, coming of age, gay for you
Word Count: 17,068

Thank you to Amanda Hunter for taking the time to read and to edit.
Thank you to my amazing betas for reading through and offering up advice.
Thank you to my superb readers and friends who cheered me on as I wrote this novella.

WRITTEN FOR THE EVENT: Love’s Landscapes

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  1. This was an amazing short read !!

  2. This was the first of your works I read and it captured me. You used a slow build with eroticism by inference instead of explicit description. The characters are believable and have depth. Their relationship evolves in a credible manner. Bravo.

    This inspired me to completely rework a piece of erotic fiction that I didn't like into a three-volume love story between a straight man and a gay man. Volume One, Finding Friendship, should be up on Amazon early next year. Volume Two enters the editing queue at about that time. Volume Three is still in development.

    You've mentioned experimenting with other genres. My first work in drama/thriller using straight characters from the Finding series. Life Struggles, goes up on Amazon later this month. It focuses on a fragile relationship (non-sexual) between a 31-year old step-father and his 18 year old step-son. Life Continues, the sequel, is in the editing queue; Volume Three, Life Creates, is still in development. And that spun off another series, The Flint Files, a mystery. Volume One, Taunting, is in the editing queue. Its sequel, Harassing, is in development.

    There's yet another series, Gulfside City. It takes place in the rural Florida Panhandle and the locale ties the stories together. Volume One, The Trip to Helen Gawne (comedy) is in editing. Volume Two, Four Seconds on the Clock, is already up on Amazon. The lead characters' sexuality was useful to, but not central to, the story. Volume Three, The Head Game, is in development.

    Many thanks!

    1. Wow Mark! I apologize that I missed this until now. Thank you for your words of encouragement! They've come at the right time, a time that I needed to read them. Sorry it took me so long to get back to you! :)


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